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Why Employers Stopped Hiring Junior Business Analysts!
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This question was posted by Victor who needs advice on "how to change careers from a banking domain to business analysis."

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Here is Victor\'s Question

I desire to become a seasoned analyst especially in the aviation sector or transport management and logistics area and need all the necessary assistance i can get to sail through this aspiration.

currently i applied to a leading airline as a business analyst of which i know nothing about...I am A BANKER by profession and wish to change career due to the long run benefit of becoming a business analyst.

I want this job seriously to develop my new career interest but how do i become relevant to them if i happen to be called

If i am called today how do i respond to questions to be perceived as good candidate for this dream job

Advice for Junior Business Analysts - See Job Postings From the Employers Perspective

In your attempt to change careers, don\'t aim to get a junior business analyst job even though it seems like the best way to get your foot in the door!

The perfect business analyst hire from the employer\'s perspective, understands the challenges or problems facing the business and is equipped or prepared to solve them.

Unfortunately, that does not tend to be a junior business analyst by definition! Employers prefer not to hire junior business analysts in the real sense of the word!

When you see an advertisement for a junior business analyst, what you\'re really looking at is "an employer who wants to pay junior level salary or wages for a capable business analyst!"

So, you need to read in between the lines of business analyst job descriptions especially when you are changing careers!

Why Employers Don\'t Hire Junior Business Analysts

Here are some of the reasons why employers are really hiring for capable business analysts and not junior business analysts:

  1. Training junior business analysts costs money and time. In the current economic climate, employers would prefer to hire trained or capable business analysts who will hit the ground running instead of junior business analysts who can\'t produce right away!

  2. In a tight job market, capable or senior business analysts are willing to work for less. If you expect the employer to hire you over more experienced business analysts, you have to be really good and pull out all the stops at your interview

    "Don\'t be thinking that you\'re competing with junior business analysts for a junior business analyst job ... because you aren\'t!"

  3. Employers are impatient for results ... they really are. Gone are the days when employers are willing to try your skills for 6 months!

    These days, if an employer is not sure that you can do the job, you won\'t get hired.

    Because employers are performance minded, you have to hold your own in the business analyst job interview against senior or experienced business analysts!

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  4. Aviation, transport management or logistics employers won\'t see the benefit of your banking domain knowledge when applying for their business analyst positions.

    As far as an employer\'s concerned, you have no work history and you\'re not good even for a junior business analyst position.

    I\'m not saying this to discourage you but to give you a better idea of how much work you have to do to change your career!

  5. Junior business analysts are not equipped to deal with a potential employer\'s pain points.

    A senior business analyst with the relevant aviation, transport management or logistics domain experience is prepared to handle those challenges

    So, the question again is, "why would a potential employer hire you when they can hire a more experienced business analyst for close the same hiring cost?"

    The best answer is to learn the pain points of potential employers by solving them just like a senior business analyst would!

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How To Get a Business Analyst Job ... The Best Way?

  1. Aim to be the best business analyst present at the job interview."Start by learning how to prepare for or ace business analyst job interviews".

  2. Don\'t aim to be a junior business analyst. Employers want to hire capable business analysts who can perform on the job. Aim to prove that your performance will be as good as or even better than those of senior or experienced business analysts.

    "Click here to read about the performance minded business analyst".

  3. Put yourself in an employer\'s shoes by learning their pain points. Start learning about or solving the challenges facing your potential employers before you show up at the interview.

    "That\'s how to stand out at the business analyst interview ... by showing that you really care about the job!".

Here is the best career advice; don\'t be targeting to get a junior business analyst job because you will lower your expectations or under peform at your job interview

Here is a better way ... become the best business analyst that you can be.

This post addresses a "question on how to change careers from banking aviation, transportation or logistics to a business analyst domain.

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