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Valentine\'s Day Special Discount Begins Now

At IT-Career-Coach.NET we wanted to share the love by offering a special valentine\'s day discount to members who have not subscribed to any one of our online training boot camps for data analysts, business analysts, software developers, relational database developers or sql query writers.

Our Valentines day special discount is good through Midnight of February 14th with the discount code: VALENTINE

Use the limited time special discount code: VALENTINE to take advantage of this discount now. Start by choosing ANY of the Online, Hands On, Instructor Led, Web Based Video Training programs below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Training

    1. When Can I enroll for the next training class?

      • You can enroll for training at anytime.

      • You can enroll for training at anytime because the training is provided online through videos, a web based training software and a live course instructor who grades your assignments

    2. How much study time is required?

      • Budget 3 to 5 hours of study time on a weekly basis.

    3. How does the training work?

      • When you enroll, the web based software creates a new training schedule for you and then send you an e-mail with links to training videos, assignments or quizzes.

      • You are assigned a number of days for each video, quiz, assignment or hands on lab activity by the web based training software.

      • You complete the assignment or activity and submit your work back to a live course instructor using a feature on the training system.

      • Your instructor is notified that you submitted an assignment and grades your work or provides help, assitance or corrective feedback to you.

      • Your grade is automatically available in an online report card that displays your grades for every module, quiz, assignment, hands on lab work or activity you complete.

      • The web based system sends out the next video to you and you continue to learn, practice and understand new information

    4. Will I be able to access the videos after I complete the training?

      • You will be able to login and access all the videos after you complete your training

      • All the videos, transcripts, e-books or resources are accessible through the "Resources" tab of the training system during and after you complete the training

    5. Is this a "go at your own pace" course?

      • Yes, you are given ample time to complete each activity including the video training or tests or hands on lab work

      • You can login at any time during the day or evening and take you video training

      • If you want to pause your training at any time because of work or life committments you may simply click on the "Pause Training" feature in the online training software

      • You may pause your training for as long as you want to and click on the "Continue Training" feature whenever you want to

      • You are not required to start or finish your training at the same time as everyone else

      • You are not required login to the online training system at the same time as everyone else or at a specific time of the day or night

      • The training is a "go at your own pace", anytime, anywhere, anypace training. The flexible scheduling is driven by our web based software system

    6. Do I have the background or prerequisites to take a training course?

      • All our training courses are step by step, beginner to advanced training

      • We do not assume anything about your background, so we walk you through the basics and then take you to the advanced topics

      • Our Videos are step by step, instructional videos. You will learn by watching an Instructor explain or perform the hands on activity

      • The training covers both the theoretical knowledge and practical hands on activity required to master a skill

      • You do not have to take time out to prepare for a course. All the preparation, foundational topics and knowledge is inbuilt into each training course

    7. How long is an online training course?

      • SQL Boot Camp: The SQL Boot Camp online training course is 12 weeks

      • RDBMS Boot Camp: The Relational Database (RDBMS) Boot Camp online training course is 6 weeks

      • Software Developer Boot Camp: The Software Developer Boot Camp online training course is 24 weeks

      • Data Analyst Boot Camp: The Data Analyst Boot Camp online training course is 16 weeks

      • Business Analyst Boot Camp: The Business Analyst Boot Camp online training course is 24 weeks

      • Job Search Coaching: The Job Search online coaching course is 4 weeks

    8. Can I accelerate or finish my training in a shorter time?

      • Yes, you can accelerate or speedup your training course in a shorter time

      • The duration we gave for each training course is an estimate. You can finish the course in more time or less time

      • Because of the amount of information that would be covered during each training course via video, quizzes, assignments, hands on lab work, instructor to student feedback, etc. The duration we provided is a good enough guide for estimating how long it will take each user to complete each training course

      • The web-based software that drives the training program allows each user to run at a more customized, personalized pace. So you don\'t have to start or finish at the same time as eveyone else

    9. What is the difference between the SQL Boot Camp and RDBMS Boot Camp?

      • The SQL Boot Camp covers all the Relational Database Design, Relational Database
        Development and SQL Query Writing Courses.

      • The Relational Database Boot Camp (RDBMS) on the other hand only covers Relational
        Database Design & Development Courses

      • The Relational Database Boot Camp (RDBMS) does not include SQL Query Writing topics

    10. Do I need to install any Software?

      • You don\'t need to install any software to view our training courses online.

      • We used a web-based system that allows you to particpate in our courses at anytime from anywhere or place.

      • All the software features you need for a course are already buit into our web based training system.

      • You don\'t even need to worry about browser requirements.

I have been trying to sign up for the BA and data analyst bootcamps...but the valentine code is not working. I spoke to someone thee on friday.
We received your payment & registration for the Data Analyst Boot Camp and the Business Analyst Boot Camp.
Thank you for signing up
For Demo Training Videos or Materials, Go to:
Yes, we accept payments by Credit Card.
Just select the Google Checkout option for the Item or product you are interested in purchasing and you are good to go.
I answered your other questions here:
Thank you ... I look forward to seeing you at the Boot Camp
I am interested in the Business Analyst Boot Camp.
Do u accept payment by credit card.
Which of the following Online Training Programs are you interested in (SQL Boot Camp, Relational Database (RDBMS) Boot Camp, Software Developer Boot Camp, Business Analyst Boot Camp, Job Search Coaching, Data Analyst Boot Camp)?
Thanks for your interest.
what is the initial payment and method