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What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?
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Dear Friend,

What is the "Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career Right Now"?

Your challenge may be about how to get a job or how to improve your skills or how to get promoted on the job

Perhaps your challenge is about how to transition out of or into a business analyst or computer programming or database developer career. Whatever they are, go ahead and post your comment and we will deal with them for you.

Post your challenging issues as a comment on this post and I would be glad to answer it for you. I may answer it by writing a new article that addresses your concern or by posting a comprehensive reply to your comment

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The concerns or challenges facing you are important to me, so go right away and post your question as a comment below:

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Software Development positions are still in demand in the current market and you can definitely get an entry level computer programming job without going back to college.
The Software Development industry is a performance driven, skill-intensive, talent hungry industry. Microsoft Copr. was in the news a couple of days ago for making a case for H-1B Visas to the government.
Why H-1B Visas you may ask?
Well, a good number of software development positions are unfilled every year.
There are still more jobs than there are computer programmers ... if you doubt my assertion, go to Dice, Monster or CareerBuilder and you will be amazed at the number of Software Development positions still posted.
So, comapnies have to hire for these positions by sourcing for talented professionls from all over the world.
If you have the right skills, you can pretty much find work in any of the States, Canada or Great Britain.
Success in computer programming depends on your practical expertise and that is what we focus on in \"The Computer Programmer Book - The Street Smart Guide to High Paying Computer Programmer Careers\" and in the \"Software Developer Boot Camp\".
Thank you
I answered your question in this post titled:
\"How To Get Through Business Analyst Interviews\":
Thank you
All our courses are self-paced. What that means is that you can purchase multiple courses using the discount coupon and take the courses at your own pace.

You are not required to begin or complete the courses by any date.
You may even PAUSE your courses (put your training on hold) for a few weeks or for as long as you want and then RESUME your training when you are ready.

... and even after you complete all the courses, you will still be able to login and watch the training videos on your own time, because you will still retain access to the training portal.

I hope I answered your questions?
I am considering purchasing multiple courses (SQL & BA Boot Camp) at once to take advantage of the discount, but I would only be able to make the time to complete one course at a time; in other words, it could be at least 12 weeks before I actually started the BA Boot Camp (while completing SQL) and/or 24 weeks before starting the SQL Boot Camp (while completing BA).
How long would I have to start (and complete) a course after purchase?
I\'m looking forward to joining several of your boot camps.
However, will they prepare me for publicly known certification, such as .NET Certifications or MS SQL, and so on?
If no, then how can i prove to the employer that i can do the job?
They usually ask for certifications as a proof.
Dear Fahmi,\n\nI agree with you that certifications are important. \n\nThe Software Developer Boot Camp and the SQL Boot Camp will help prepare you for the Microsoft Certifications because they are based on Microsoft Software products (SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET).\n \nWhich of the Boot Camps are you interested in .... and when will you like to start?\n \nThank you,
Additional Mentoring is available for you after you finish the Data Analyst Boot Camp and the Business Analyst Boot Camp at $250/month on a month to month basis.
Since you have already purchased our products (you are a current customer), you will get an additional 20% discount, so you only have to pay $199/month on a month to month basis.
Thank you
I answered your question fully in this article titled
\"Transitioning From A Business Analyst Job - When Your Boss Keeps You Career Back\" :
Let me know if you need more help.
If you find any article helpful ... \"send it to your friends\", using the tell-a-friend button or link at the bottom of the page.
Thank you
The toughest challenge that I am facing in my career is that I am very confused about my career growth.
I am working as a Process Executive in a good firm for last 6yrs.
Currently I am working in HR-Services, that is a HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing).
My qualification is Masters in Computer Applications.
I don\'t feel that their is any growth in the field I am Working in ... neither does it give a job satisfaction.
I want to switch to any of the Software Development field like web development or testing.
This is a very touch decision for me because I already have a lot of experience in HR-Services.
If I choose the new field my pervious experience will be of no use.
Please guide me on what should I do. Explain the carrier growth for HR-Services, Web development application, Testing and any of the others that may best suite my experience and qualification.
Whatever carrier I choose from now will decide my future.
Please help me with a solution. I am eagerly waiting for a reply.
Thanks for your help and support.
You can join any of our boot camps at anytime and from anywhere.
The costs are detailed here:
Let me know if you need more information.
Thank you
1.) I believe you are looking for a way to stimulate and grow yourself intellectually by working on fun, interesting or challenging programming projects.
You may be able to find those on your own by looking for opne-source projects or you may be able to join my mentorship program.
Here is more information:
2.) I also have strong views on the C/C++ job market.
You can read that here:
I answered your question in this article titled: \"How To Get Business Analyst Job Interviews:
Dear Mr. Kingsley Tagbo,
For the past 3 months I have been searching the Internet over and over again for the right material to boost my pleasure for programming.
The language I know so far is C++... but since I don\'t know OOP... I consider myself far from programming in C++.
So.. I\'m not looking for plain tutorials... my hard drive is full of them... I\'m in search of something to stimulate my appetite for programming.
Thank you so much !
What is the toughest challenge in my career right now?
My toughest challenge is deciding what to do next and how best to prepare for a switch in direction?
I am a cobol, db2 programmer in the IBM z/os Environment.
In addition, I am the Senior on the Business system.

I was there when it was being written as a contractor, then hired on full time (12 years now).
I am ready to move on. But to what?
I am torn between the Business Analyst course or the programming course I have yet been able to transistion from COBOL to VB.NET.. and was wondering if this might help.
Dear Sirs,
I am certain I am going to need additional mentoring and support during and/or after I have finished the Business Analyst Boot Camp and Data Analyst Boot Camp.
As of the moment what are the costs for getting additional mentoring?
Hi Kingsley,

Thank you for your reply, I see that you are taking questions so I was wondering if you could give me some advice!

I\'ve recently applied for around 15 Business Analysis jobs in London and have had absolutely no feedback at all.
I\'m finding this most disheartening, as when I was applying for PHP work around 6 months ago, my phone was ringing off the hook!

I have an excellent CV (as many agencies have commented) which is still very programming heavy.
I did spent some time trying to rewrite this to gear more towards Business Analysis but it was difficult as most of my current work experience has been coding.

So I decided that I would use the covering letter which accompanies my applications as a vehicle to showcase why I would be suitable for their Business Analysis role. A \'killer\' covering letter, if you like.

Except that 15 applications later with no feedback at all (not even a \'thanks but no thanks\'), I\'m finding myself not knowing what my next step should be...

After your advice, I briefly looked into BA training but the websites I found which offered these courses seemed to be quite costly. Maybe I need to rethink this?

Also I now doubt very much that my covering letter is \'killer\', I have attached this and was wondering if its possible for you to have a look and advise me on this...

Thanks in advance Kingsley for your time and help

Kind regards
I want to be a programmer. Where do I begin?
What e-books do I need to buy?
What does course cost?
What else would I need to buy like books or software to achieve this?
Your \"The Complete Guide To A Successful Programmer Career\" what will this tell me or teach me.
If I am planning to do course with you do I need this e-book?
How can i apply in your institute and how much is the fees for the courses.
Please inform me
I want to know what the difference is between writing a procedure, writing a user or system manual.
I am currently i a very frustrating situation, i really need advise in this regard.
I am currently employed as a business analyst, but the tasks that i perform are not Business analysis related instead they more technical, first line support.
I am really frustrated about the matter because now it seems as if i am not developing in terms of my Business analysis.
Should I move, or not?
Because the environment it self does not accomodate business analysis.
Please advice..........
Thank you

I\'m new to IT.
In my last job, I was training to become a Microsoft Consultant but the position was eliminated.
I don\'t have much IT experience or an undergrad degree in computers; my undergrad degree is in Biology.
I obtained some certs like A+/Net+ and some Server 2003 certs in my last job.
I\'m trying to decide if I should go back to school and to get a computer related undergrad or grad degree.
What\'s your opinion for those trying to get IT related positions without much experience?
Are there certain IT careers that are geared more toward entry level candidates?
Thank you,
The Toughest Challenge is to be able to get a job as Business Analyst.
I do get interviews but getting through interview as Business Analyst is quit a big challenge for me right now.
I need help getting through interview as BA. All the interviews have been, have been very different style, format and different technical questions.
Any help available for me I would really appreciate.