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The Survivors Guide To Overcoming Unemployment

Several years ago, I had a conversation with a lady who had a computer science degree but was unable to get hired for any type of Information technology (IT) job.

I realized right away, that what she lacked was an understanding of how the IT job / career market works. The sort of information that is generally omitted in schools because no one thinks it is important enough.

So, after she shared her story with me, I did some research and came to the startling conclusion that she was not alone.

I discovered that there was a big gap in our educational system and I am not just talking about schools, but staffing / recruiting / training agencies as well.

The problem was that all the players were in a hurry to make ends meet and no one really cared about the professional whose career or job was at stake.

For example, recruiters / staffing agencies will only work with you when your skills and experience matches that required on a job posting.

They will not think of helping you bridge the gaps in your skills, resume or experience or advancing your career further through coaching and mentoring.

So I started educating people on how to thrive or succeed in the Information Technology (IT) world and as a result this website ( was born.

Today, I have been giving another unique opportunity to help because a number of you are talking to me about their unemployment situations or asking for my advice or suggestions along those lines.

I want to say, thank you to everyone who has been talking to me about their unemployment situations.

I appreciate the trust you place in me and more importantly, your courage in talking about it!

I am dedicating the "FREE Survivors Guide To Overcoming Unemployment" below to those of you who are out of work..

Please download and read this career guide and learn how to survive unemployment or get productive by earning an income again.

I retain all the copyrights to this career guide. However, you have my permission to distribute it or share it with anyone (friends, strangers, colleagues, etc) or post it anywhere.

Download The Survivors Guide To Overcoming Unemployment Below


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Hi Kingsley,
I really need the SQL Boot Camp course. My skill set needs to be updated so that I can return to being gainfully employed.
It's really tough here in Richmond, VA. Do you have any ad hoc/routine jobs that I can perform online for you?
I've been out of work for quite a while partly due to being laid off from my last position and due to the fact that I am a care giver to my mother. I've been looking for night work but no luck so far.
Do you have any colleagues that have ad hoc jobs that can be done online? Any advice would be appreciated.
I've released the information that I promised you. I want to do all that I can to help, so after downloading and reading the ebook, you may post your questions or comments on this page and I will answer them for you.
Best Wishes
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