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Tailor your Resume for Each Job
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Employers are still hiring. Your job is to let them know that you\'re a qualified, skilled and motivated job seeker.

One of the easiest ways to get this across is by sending a targeted, well-written resume.

It\'s really not enough to send a generic resume for every job. Take the time to tailor your resume for each job opening because employers seek the best possible fit for each job opening.

With that in mind, here is a typical situation:


I have done M.Tech in Advanced Computing , BE in CSE i worked 2 years in Wireless Business and 6.5 years as Revenue Analyst Skills include MS Office ,Lotus and WLAN ,

Can i get any job in BA.

How should the CV looks like please put a light note on this one.

How To Tailor your Resume For Specific Job Openings!

Software and human screeners including HR representatives, clerical staff, hiring officers, supervisors, department managers, company owners, and personnel recruiters sift through and scan hundreds of resumes.

If your resume does not highlight the skills, experience and training matching the expectations of the hiring manager, it will be rejected.

So, here are some guidelines to follow in matching your resume to each job description:

  1. Emphasize results and accomplishments - you may make the case that you\'re lacking domain experience because you\'re just transitioning careers or jobs.

    However, you can\'t make any case for a lack of results or accomplishments from your previous jobs and careers!

  2. Capture the hiring manager\'s attention - Grab the attention of hiring manager\'s by presenting your best arguments in the opening lines of your resume.

    Understand the key objectives for each job opening and then make the best case for you strengths, background, education or experience.

    Put your best foot forward early in your resume or the rest of it will not be read.

  3. Customize your resume for each business job - Don\'t send a generic resume that is targeted for every job opening because it will lack the necessary appeal.

    For example, if a job requires experience working in a team, ensure that each of the positions on your resume includes detailed descriptions of your experience working in a team.

  4. Include relevant critical keywords or buzzwords - Include the appropriate keywords for each job opening.

    This will make your resume search friendly or rank higher in resume databases resulting in a higher number of calls or job interviews.

    It will also make you more believable to employers.

    Begin by researching the appropriate keywords for your career, domain or industry and then highlight those keywords in past or current jobs.

  5. Add your personal brand to that soulless resume - Employers want to connect with you when they read your resume.

    So, don\'t send out a soulless resume that hides the key attributes of your personality or the value that you bring.

    Make your resume, warm, engaging, captivating and interesting by working-in the key elements of your personal brand.

    You resume must connect and captivate the attention of hiring managers and bring your unique personality, passion and value to life!

  6. Use the appropriate format for your resume - Tailor the formatting of your resume to each job opening.

    Choose the appropriate resume format considering your qualifications, education, and experience.

    Know when to use the appropriate chronological, functional or types of resume formats.

    Employ the right formatting, paying attention to fonts, font sizes, line heights, white spaces, etc.

    The goal is to make your resume easy to read and visual appealing!

  7. Demonstrate relevant experience on your resume - you may not have the required hands-on experience but you may have strengths, accomplishments, educational qualifications or past working experience that can substitute.

    The trick is in knowing what to substitute for real-world experience.

    Note that it\'s still better to get real-world experience and back that up with relevant training.

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Customizing your resumes is important because sending un-targeted resumes is a bad idea even when one is qualified. So, take the time to craft, focus or make your resume for relevant job opening!

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