How Are Certifications Going To Help My Career?

Why Are Certifications Not Helping My Career?
Why Are Certifications Not Helping My Career?

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This question is about the benefit of Business Analyst Certtifications


I have an IT background with a computer science degree. And I have four years of experience as a software developer.

Recently I completed an MBA (International Business) from UK. I also passed the ITIL v3 and and soon will be passing IIBA foundation certification.

What Does It Take To Learn Business Analysis?

What Does It Take To Learn Business Analysis?
Highly Paid Business Analyst
Highly Paid Business Analyst

You are reading this post because you are interested in learning or mastering business analysis for a number of reasons like

  • You may have read the US Bureau of Statistics report which predicts that the business analyst role will be one of the fastest growing occupations through 2012
  • You are a computer programmer or software tester who is getting burned out on the monotony of coding or testing
  • You may be interested in learning business analyst because you will gain more visibility by interacting with users and managers

Jonathan Babcock on Use Cases or User Stories

Jonathan Babcock has an interesting article highlighting the differences between Use Cases and User Stories.

  • Scott Sehlhorst on how to capture User Stories and Use Cases
  • Martin Fowler on the difference between use cases and XP stories
  • Mike Cohn on the advantages of using user stories for requirements
  • Use case guru Alistair Cockburn’s comparison of use cases and user stories

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How to Write Use Cases – A Tutorial

What is a Use Case?

A use case is a description of how a system’s behavior in response to a request from a stakeholder known as an actor. The actor could be a person or an external system that interacts with the system being described.

The actor initiates an action with the system with the purpose of accomplishing a goal. The system responds to the actor’s action in a way that fulfills the interests of all of its stakeholders. A use case summarizes a complete series of related scenarios that may unfold.