How To Break The Unemployment Cycle?

How To Break The Unemployment Cycle
How To Break The Unemployment Cycle

Sometime ago, Glendal (a project manager on this website) asked me to suggest a solution for the current unemployment crises facing the USA. While still working on an answer to that, the same question was again popped to me in a recent interview with

Since this is a question weighing on the minds of people … Today, it will be my pleasure to answer the question: “How To Solve The Unemployment Crises Facing The United States of America.“.

#5 Success Principle: Always Be Learning

stay ahead of the technology curve
stay ahead of the technology curve

The Love – Hate Relationship With Technology

Most days, we are in love with technology and can’t seem to get away from getting work done on our iPhones, laptops and the Internet or watching hi-tech adventure movies like James Cameron’s Avatar on 3D 🙂

We have witnessed the rapid pace of technological change in the last 20 years … the advances in computers, video games and electronics and of course … the coming of the internet.

As IT professionals, we all seem to participate in this drama either as consumers, producers or enablers of technology.

#2 Success Principle: Learn How To Self Study Effectively

Jack Reacher Gone Tomorrow
Jack Reacher
This series is devoted to the principles required for success in Information Technology (IT) careers.

Technology is always changing so IT professionals have to stay ahead of the technology curve or risk losing their jobs or careers!
So you have to constantly update your skills through self study, coaching or training.

This post discusses how you can stay ahead of the technology curve using self study.

Contrary to what you may think, self study requires a considerable investment of time, money and effort.

Free E-Book On How To Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve

Stay Ahead of the Curve!
Stay Ahead of the Curve!

Have you ever wondered how some people stay ahead of rapidly changing technologies while others seem to let their skills become extinct like the Dodo?

Well, apparently, someone in Dubai, U.A.E. wants to know the answer so badly that he sent in his question by postal mail!

If you need help with a Question or Challenge, be sure to ask it as a comment on this page and I will answer it fully just as I am answering this reader’s question below!