How To Build A Career In Information Security (INFOSEC)

Career Advice - Ask IT Career Coach
Career Advice - Ask IT Career Coach

This post is a first in an important way. It is the first post in our [Ask IT Career Coach] series where we present a lesser known but equally valuable Information Technology (IT) career option.

Announcing The [Ask IT Career Coach] – Career Advice Column

I would like to start this post by introducing our [Ask IT Career Coach] service, a Career Advice Column that offers answers, help or solutions for your most challenging career situations.

How Do I Start My Career In Information Security?

Here is the first question on Information Security sent in from Waukesha, Wisconsin

Experience Before Work? How To Solve Chicken or Egg Career Problems

Ask IT Career Coach
Ask IT Career Coach

Here’s a question on “how to get the experience neccessary for career advancement opportunities!” from a professional who has an MBA in Information Security.

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