How To Change Careers Starting At Your Current Employer

change careers at your current employer
change careers at your current employer

The Process For Changing your Career Path Starts With Your Current Employer

Here is a real-world example of how to do just that.

The current challenge facing me is how to find the right process for re-orienting my career from Web Producer to an introductory Junior position as Business Analyst.

I don’t hold any qualification in Business neither as Business Analyst but I am fully dedicated to becoming one.

I have just started reading books and doing research about this position and the responsibilities it entails.

Is a Project Manager or a Business Analyst Career, a Better Fit for You?

How To Choose the Right Career?
How To Choose the Right Career?

The following question was submitted by a reader who needs help with choosing between a business analyst and a project management career.

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Here is the Reader’s Question: Should I Change Careers To Business Analysis Or Project Management?


What Is The Challenge Facing Your Career?

Ask a Burning Question
Ask a Burning Question

Dear Friend,

What is the “Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career Right Now“?

Your toughest challenge may be about how to get a business analyst job or how to improve your computer programming skills or how to become a database developer

Perhaps your challenge is about how to move out of a dead-endbusiness analyst or computer programming or database developer career. Whatever they are, go ahead and ask your question and I will answer it for you.

Advice On How To Become A Contract Business Analyst

Do You Want To Become A Contract Business Analyst?
Do You Want To Become A Contract Business Analyst?

I am writing this post to answer a question posted by a business analyst on “How To Become A Contract Business Analyst”.

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Here is the question on how to become a contract business analyst.

Having recently started in my first permanent position as a Business Analyst, I find the toughest challenge for me currently, is getting up to speed with the systems I have to analyse and develop (Risk Management and Finance Systems).

How To Land A Good Tech Job


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How To Take Your Business Analyst Career To The Next Level

Dear Friend,

I just released a new e-book for your business analyst career titled:
“How To Take Your Business Analyst Career To The Next Level”

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