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Become A Leader And Get The Job You Want!

Getting a job by sending out resumes to employers is known as the push method because it depends on you pushing the employer to hire you!

The problem with the traditional method of getting a job is that everyone who is out-of-a-job is probably doing the same thing ... pushing their resumes to hiring managers or employers!

Getting hired in a competitive job market doesn't mean ... "do what other job applicants are doing" ... it means "do more than your competition!"

Stand-Out and Be Noticed!

You need to raise the bar higher by getting employers to notice you or call you with job offers! This is also known as the pull method.

It's an enviable position to be in ... to have jobs referred to you instead of you chasing after them.

I've had that happen to me, it's happening for others and it can happen for you too!

Are you Getting Noticed?

You need to attract the attention of employers by taking actions that get you noticed or make you stand-out in comparison to others!

You may be thinking: "Why can't I just send-out lots of resumes and get hired using the tried and proven push technique?"

If your resume is 2 or 3 times better than your competition and your skills and experience are head and shoulders over everyone else's then you are okay to depend solely on your resume.

In the "dot-com bubble" or "I.T. bubble bust a lot of smart and talented IT professionals couldn't get jobs by sending out their resumes.

Employers were receiving an unheard of 500+ resumes from doctoral, post graduate and well certified IT professionals!

Some employers stopped hiring, some stopped checking their mailboxes and others resorted to more discreet hiring methods!

Because so many resumes were being pushed to employers, the value of a resume sent by e-mail was next to nil!

That was when I learnt the value of becoming a leader. So, I started my first leadership project and ended up with invitations to interview and work for two major organizations because I was noticed!

Any Lessons Learned?

Don't put all your eggs in one basket by depending solely on your resume and online job postings!

The value of becoming a leader in your industry, is that you get hired through the back-door! That door that is left open for exceptional, talented or highly qualified job applicants only :-)

When you become an industry leader, employers are apt to call you with job offers and you're guaranteed to stand out in comparison to other job seekers!

How Do You Become An Industry Leader?

The pull method depends on you working on projects, activities and problems that are important to employers even though you may not have a job.

You commit to solving problems specific to an industry or domain in a visible way!

Because you commit to solving business problems important to employers, you're likely to get noticed or get more consulting, coaching or employment requests.

Lead Your Industry By Becoming a Domain Specialist

If all you've been doing is "sending out resumes" and that hasn't worked too well for you ... then it's time to "change your approach" by demonstrating that you care!

Becoming a Leader means that you engage your down-time time in-between jobs more productively.

You work on getting hired by making yourself wanted, instead of mass mailing the same resume or a cosmetically improved version to employers!

We will help you select the best leadership projects based on your background, skills, education, training, job history and interests

Specializing in a domain or industry raises your profile to that of an expert or highly-skilled resource. That's how you get more consulting, coaching or full-time employment offers.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the IT Leadership Coaching program today and get the recognition or type of employment (coaching, consulting or full-time) you deserve!

Course Outline: Become A Leader!

This course teaches you how to develop and use your competitive advantages in the workplace, job market and industry using the PULL method.

You will learn how to become a leader in your industry by developing and taking advantage of your personal brand using PULL techniques.

By the end of this course, you will have learnt how to select the best leadership projects for your industry based on your background, skills, education, training, job history and interests.

It's Time To Stand Up and Be Noticed. Here is the course outline;

Coaching: Develop your Competitive Advantage

  • Introduce yourself, discuss your background, skills, interests and aspirations and submit your resume for review

  • Understand the PUSH vs. PULL method

  • Learn how to identify, develop and maximize your competitive advantage

  • Identify your career objective and discuss why it's important to you

  • Workshop

    • Discuss your resume, career objective, challenges, skills, background, education, training, job history and career interests

Coaching: SWOT Analysis

  • Learn how to use SWOT Analysis to identify your competitive advantage and determine your unique offering in the workplace

  • Workshop

    • Prepare a SWOT Analysis document for your career objective

Coaching: OGSM

  • Consider alternative strategies for achieving your career objective

  • Determine the appropriate SMART goals based on your SWOT Analysis

  • Workshop

    • Develop an initial OGSM plan for achieving your career objective

Coaching: Personal Branding

  • Discover your personal brand based on your skills, backgrounds, interests, career objectives and SWOT Analysis

  • Develop your personal brand based on your unique, differentiating values

  • Workshop

    • Choose your personal brand based on your skills, backgrounds, interests and career objectives

    • Develop an action plan that supports your personal brand offline and online

Coaching: The PULL METHOD - Strategy

  • Learn how to use PULL techniques

  • Identify the relevant PULL methods for achieving your career objective

  • Discuss the implementation each PULL method

  • Workshop

    • Document the appropriate set of PULL techniques for your industry

Coaching: The PULL METHOD - Implementation

  • Identify the appropriate tools for implementing each PULL method

  • Workshop

    • Discuss the implementation and use of tools and platforms for the PULL method

Coaching: Become a Leader

  • Enhance your Personal Brand

    • Learn how to become an expert in your industry

    • Analyze the needs, problems, issues specific to your niche, domain or industry

    • Learn how to promote your brand, image and positioning

  • Identify and implement relevant tracking or monitoring tools including;

    • Time management plans

    • Project management plans

    • Personal branding plans

    • Business plans

    • Marketing plans

    • Job Search plans

  • Identify the relevant Leadership Projects for your Industry

  • Review and discuss cost and benefits of each leadership project

  • Workshop

    • Choose and implement your leadership projects

Coaching: Benefit From Your Brand Or Get The Job Your Want!

  • Understand how to profit from your personal branding activities

    • Learn how to be productive with or without a job

    • Learn how to earn an income from consulting, contracting, full-time or freelancing opportunities

  • Workshop

    • Take advantage of opportunities from your personal branding or leadership projects

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Become A Leader Coaching - How Does It Work?

  • Anywhere, Anytime, Web-based Learning Management System (LMS):

    • You take "become a leader coaching" from any location because it is always available online using a web-based learning management system (LMS) and real, human course instructors

  • Cutting Edge Learning Management System (LMS)

    • Your coaching schedule is managed by a learning management system (LMS) which sends personalized links to leadership coaching videos, hands-on projects and practice tests

    • The LMS assigns time to each coaching video, practice test or hands-on project and you may finish at a different time, based on your own schedule

    • You submit back hands-on projects for review, grading or feedback to live course instructors using a feature of the LMS

    • The LMS boosts your leadership skills using quizzes and displays your grades in real-time using a secure, private, online report card

    • The LMS constantly monitors or improves your understanding of course material using multiple learning opportunities!

  • Yes, You Retain Access Rights After Course Completion!

    • The LMS provides you with FULL and PERMANENT access to ALL coaching videos after course completion

    • You can watch your coaching videos on the "Resources" feature of the LMS during or after your coaching

  • Flexible + Convenient + Affordable coaching For "Become A Leader Coaching"

    • Yes, you are given ample time to complete the "become a leader coaching" videos, practice tests or hands on projects

    • Yes, you can login for coaching at any time

    • Yes, you may pause coaching any time because of work or life commitments without any penalty

    • Yes, you may resume coaching at any time without any penalty

    • Yes, you are not required to login at a specific time or at the same time as someone else

    • Yes, the "become a leader coaching" is a "go at your own pace", anytime, anywhere, anypace learning program.

    • Yes, you may take some of your coaching at work (during lunchtime) or at home (after dinner) or on the road (from your laptop)!

  • Leadership Coaching For Motivated Professionals

    • Your course instructors take you step by step from utter beginner to senior level topics

    • You can start immediately (without paying for entrance examinations or additional pre-requisite courses) because all preparatory, foundational or pre-requisite topics are in-built and included

    • You learn by simply watching course instructors using hands-on instructional videos

    • "Become A Leader Coaching" covers " how to select the best leadership projects based on your background, skills, education, training, job history and interests", how to advance your career using PULL instead of PUSH techniques and how to get Hands-On skills or Domain Expertise!

  • Yes, You Set The Pace For "Become A Leader Coaching"

    • Yes, you accelerate or speed-up your "become a leader coaching" or customize your learning to your own study time

    • Yes, you may finish coaching at a faster or slower pace than estimated

    • Yes, you don't have to start or finish at the same time as everyone else

  • Yes, Your Browser Is Good Enough!

    • All necessary software features are prebuilt into our LMS ... so, you won't be messing around with troublesome software installations

    • And yes that means you won't be worrying about browser requirements either!

  • Advance Your Career Online Using "Become A Leader Coaching"

    • We pioneer online career coaching using a scheduling, tracking and monitoring LMS.

    • Enhance your career now with "Become A Leader Coaching" ... this is how to achieve!

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