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Recession Proof Your Career - Eat Lunch With Co-Workers

You Need People and You Need Information

Are you missing out in information at the office that could be critical to your career? You may be a hard working employee who eats lunch at your desk and prefers reading another IT book to attending company parties.

However, knowledge is power. Networking within your company prevents you from being the one who is always the last to know about major changes that may impact you, your team or the organization.

The current economy makes it a bad time to be isolated at work. Many job cuts are being announced every single day, making it critical that you build your network of co-workers, colleagues and acquaintances up to provide a safety net if your job situation is ever in jeopardy.

By networking within your company, you will pick up on the organizational culture within your company. You\'ll learn about job openings within the company and in other teams, organizational changes, information on mergers and sales, new technology strategies and software purchases.

7 Ways to Build Your Network and Get in Loop at Work

  1. Go to Lunch with Your Team: Invite a co-worker out to lunch, or join other co-workers who regularly go to lunch together. The relaxed atmosphere at lunch is a great place to pick on tidbits about what people are working on.

  2. Attend Company Functions: Company parties are great places to strike up friendships with people in other departments and find out what\'s interesting on their teams.

  3. Read Company Newsletters and Reports, Research Industry News: Read about the organizational changes and industry trends that may affect you or bring about new opportunities.

  4. Help Others: Look for opportunities to do someone a favor within and outside your team. You\'ll need to have started talking to others, first. As you begin to get information, find ways to solve problems. If your boss mentions that the higher ups plan to move to another software platform, do some research for her to help her impress her bosses.

  5. Stay in Touch With Ex Co-Workers: When you leave a company, or someone leaves your company, ask for their contact information. Stay in touch. Send a card at Christmas. You never know when you\'ll need a job reference or a job referral.

  6. Tell or Teach People What You Know: Share the information you have. Give tips, ideas and suggestions to others. Giving is a great way to get in the loop.

  7. Ask Questions: Become curious about what\'s going on in the workplace. As questions about the direction your company is moving in. Your performance review is a good time to ask your boss the same questions he asks you: Where do you see this team going in five years? What goals do you hope to achieve this year?

As you begin to interact regularly with people on the job, you will find that you are slowly building a network of people who like and rely on you, thus expanding your options for moving ahead in your career.

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