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Is My Resume Killing My Career?
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You won\'t have believed me if I told you.

But now You, Oh Yes You, are beginning to realize it.

Your resume is the reason why you can\'t get a programming interview despite your best efforts.

And when you talk to recruiters, Oh My, Do They Give You A Run Around!

Someone should have been kind enough to tell you that your resume is killing your career!

You send your resume to soooo many employers and then sit back for phone calls that never happen.

No one wants to hire you! Even though your resume literally screams Hire Me!

What is happening to me you say.

Am I over qualified, under qualified, too old, too young, too Christian, too Moslem, under educated or over educated? you ask.

Please tell me what is wrong with my career and I will fix it, you cry, staring at your phone.

And then it happens. Your phone rings! And with a surge of 100 percent pure adrenaline you grab it and yell out your full name before the caller has a chance to say hello my name is Bob and ...

Surprise! The Private Number on your Caller ID is from a debt collector calling to remind you of a 60 days past due bill.

You look up. There, suspended in mid-air, are crystal clear pictures of bankruptcy, repossession and eviction!

Will I ever get a programming job, is my career over, am I the next homeless person? you wonder.

As the walls begin to cave-in on you, the only thing louder than your heart beat is your own labored breathing and one very small, very quiet voice that says now begin to face the truth that your resume is the reason why you can\'t get a job.

For example:

You have several years of experience from careers that have nothing to do with computer programming listed on your resume! How does that help your case with an employer?

You have included your entire college or academic results (transcript) on your resume! Why?

You say you love programming and all you want is an entry-level programmer job. Yet your resume is that of a desperate job seeker and not that of a lover of programming.

And you don\'t have one lousy programming job where you worked for at least 6 months. How can you be a programmer?

You think that by using the tag \'entry level programmer\' in your resume, you will become instantly employable! Little do you know what employers are really thinking: Show Me Your Programming Skills First And Then I Will Show You The Money?!

To cap it! Your resume says you have been searching for work for a really long time - meaning nobody wants to hire you.

Let\'s stop this madness right now.

Get with me right now so I can help you straighten out your resume quickly, get it into the hands of hiring managers today, get hired easily and get paid more!

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