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How To Build Your Online Social Media Networks

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Happy New Year to you. I am starting off the new year with a bonus gift in the form of a series of articles on "how to build or promote your professional network online, using the power of social media"

The Conversational Age Is Here:

You have heard about the digital age or the information age. However you may not have heard the latest. We are now in a Conversational Age! The conversational age is an era of human development, where the sharing of conversations, information and social interactions between humans becomes the hallmark of human civilization.

The United States Elections: A recent example is the US Presidential Elections of 2008. President elect Barack Obama employed the power of online social networking to connect with his audience and win the presidential elections. Click here to read more about how President elect Barack Obama used online social networking.

The Power Of Online Social Networks

Why should you care about building, expanding or promoting your career, skills and profile online using Social Media?

The simple answer is that online social networking is more a more effective, cheaper and faster way to network with other professionals than the more traditional or classic forms of networking.

What does the conversational age mean to you?

  • The era of mailing your resume during job hunts is dead! Emails, Cover Letters and Online Social Networks are in.

  • The age of waiting for a layoff before you make a career move is gone! Through your social network, you can learn about layoffs before they happen or get job lucrative offers without having to send your resume to anyone

  • The age of professional isolation is gone! To be valued by managers or peers, you need to constantly connect and share information, ideas or conversations with other professionals in your industry ... and you need to view your online social networking as key to your career advancement.

Here are some of the benefits of learning how to build your own social network:

  1. You get job offers through your social network

  2. You improve your skills by learning from other professionals

  3. You build an online brand or become known to a wider circle of professionals

  4. You monitor changes or news that affect your job or industry faster

  5. You get promoted faster because your managers see you as a more valuable resource

  6. You find it easier to get a job because you can prove to hiring managers that you are more passionate about your career than the average job seeker

  7. You are seen as an expert, thought leader or a more senior professional in your industry

Social Media Platforms For IT Professionals

Now that I have established the value of building your own social network online, in the next set of articles, I will be presenting on "how to build your online social network using the following social media services":

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • MySpace

  • FaceBook

  • Orkut

  • Blogging

  • Forums

  • And more ...

I Want To Hear What You Have To Say

I would like some feedback from you. Please leave a comment below about "your favorite online social media tools and why or how you use it"

Hello again Mr. Tagbo,
I thought this article was a great overview of how online social networking can help in the job search process.
I\'m not sure, however, if sites like Facebook or Myspace are really helpful for career oriented networking.
These sites seem more geared toward personal relationships rather than business relationships.
In this age of many employers seemingly not wanting their employees to have much of a life outside of work, the information that is shared on these sites might even be detrimental to job searches and career building.
I believe that sites such as LinkedIn may be more suitable to set up as purely a business oriented social networking tool.
Facebook and Myspace may be good tools for getting the word out to friends that you are looking for work but I believe actually contacting potential employers and sharing information with them would be more successful on a separate site such as LinkedIn.
Just a few of my thoughts..what do you think?
Kind regards,
Brian:\n\nI believe you are right. \n\nI have a linkedin profile but I am yet to start a Facebook or Myspace page.\n\nI do intend to have a Facebook or MySpace page ... but I strongly believe that LinkedIn is a much better network for building high quality social networks with hiring managers.\n\nLinkedIn is designed for working professionals and it caters exclusively to their online, social networking or professional networking needs.\n\nFacebook and Myspace on the other hand is too generic in design. They are not designed exclusively for building social, professional networks. You can still make connections and build networks on these two sites ... it is just a lot harder to keep it professional of career focused.\n\nSo, I would second your decision to focus (perhaps exclusively) on LinkedIn, so that you can get the bests return on investment (roi) of your social networking time.