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How To Become A Data Analyst Or Report Writer Or Database Developer

Three Different Job Roles

The database developer job, data analyst job or report writer job are related job roles that may be performed by the same person depending on how the size of the organization.

In most organizations, the business analyst or software developer starts out performing all three types of jobs. As demand multiplies and the individual begins to feel overwhelmed, the jobs are split ... and as time goes ... into the three (3) different type of jobs.

For this reason, anyone performing the duties of a business analyst, software developer, database analyst, report writer or database developer needs to have a strong understanding of each of these job responsibilities as well as the areas of overlap.

Here is a summary of the responsibilities of each role:

  1. The data analyst gathers, analyzes or models data with the goal of identifying useful information, trends and patterns which may be directly used by management, decision makers or stakeholders.The data analyst works extensively with SQL within the context of the relational database system (RDBMS).

  2. The database developer creates the logical data model comprising of entities and relationships or implements the physical model using the tables, views, queries, stored procedures or relationships needed by the relational database model.

  3. The report writer develops reports used in presenting information queried from one or more tables or databases. They report writers report development is achieved using SQL, relational database development skills and tools like SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Business Objects or HTML for Intranet / Extranet Online Reporting Solutions.

The rest of this post presents the tasks or activities typically performed by database developers, database analysts or report writers.
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Hi Kinglsey, you talk about how to become a web designer, web developer, computer programer, data analyst, sql programmer and business analyst. Just about every job that has to do with coding, software development or databases. But I never see you mention anything about computer networking. I was wondering if you dont like computer networking or if it does not have the scope that software development related jobs have. It seems there is a fair share of people that did not like programming that found networking exciting. So, what gives in regard networking?