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How To Be A Faster Programmer
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This post answers the question of "how to write or code faster in ASP.NET, C#, .NET Framework or Visual Studio" or any computer programming language.

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How To Become A Faster Computer Programmer

Compared to PHP or classic Visual Basic Programming, the .NET Framework (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET) is a big, enterprise class library.

The sheer size of .NET Framework, makes it hard to master or wrap your head around easily, which can create a feeling of insecurity or instability.

In this post, I will coach on programming practices that will help you write ASP.NET and C# Code faster, resulting in you feeling better or more secure about your programming career!

Coding Under Pressure Will Not Make You Faster!

Your inability to code fast may starts from you not taking the time to study or master the .NET Programming Language before getting a job.

As a result, you are forced to study the programming language at work where you are constantly under pressure to produce results!

Computer programmers with a computer science or engineering degree may fail to master the .NET Framework Programming Language because they assume that their college education is enough for a real-world programming job!

Don't let your formal education cause you to underrate the complexity of a modern, enterprise programming language like the .NET Framework!

If this describes your situation, STOP whatever you are doing right now and make a concerted effort to study or master .NET Framework for at least 6 months or you will get completely discouraged or even quit altogether because of the complexity of the language!

Staying Ahead Of Technology Will Make You Faster!

While a computer programming career pays well, it is also a fast paced career that is constantly evolving because of new technology.

The only way you can stay ahead of the technology curve, is to develop a reading and studying habit that is second to none.

Listen, regardless of how much pressure you face at work, you will never be able to code code faster or more confidently, if you don't dedicate a serious amount of time on a daily or consistent basis to mastering the .NET Framework Programming Library!

As a programmer, you are expected to have sharp skills or stay on the edge of the technology curve.

The only way that you will be able to keep up, is to dedicate consistent, serious blocks of time to mastering the .Net Framework Programming Language instead of trying to wing it at work!

Writing More Code Will Not Make Your Faster!

Don't make the mistake of assuming that you can master a programming language like .NET Framework by writing more code or working on lots of projects because you will end up repeating all of your bad coding practices or mistakes all over the place!

It is a mistake to assume that you can just jump into coding with an enterprise programming language like .NET Framework and become a fast programmer without careful thought, planning or taking out the time to study or master the programming language.

Here is my advice; make it your #1 priority (not your #2 or #3) to study everything that you can about the .NET Framework Library.

Keep in mind that this library is large and that there are several parts to it : (CSharp, ASP.NET, .NET Framework, etc.).

Taking the time to master the library used in any programming language will actually help you code faster or better.

Writing more code will not make you a faster programmer. Studying and understanding a programming language to the point where it's usage is committed to your memory will make you a faster, better and more confident computer programmer!

Taking Lots Of Practice Tests Will Make You Faster!

Here is another technique that will help you learn or master C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework or any programming language extremely well ... practice tests!

Click here to read more about how Practice Tests Can Boost Your Skills

That is why in our Online Software Developers Boot Camp Training, we use Practice Tests to coach or train the software developers enrolled in the program.

Practice tests are useful for boosting your retention, recall and understanding of programming languages and not just for certifications!

So, you have it ... how to become a better, more confident or expert programmer!

Follow the coaching advice in this post and your self-confidence will improve as you start writing better, faster code!

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I really like to study with you but the problem is I am not able to use any method of payment you mentioned here, the reason being that I am living in a small developing country Lesotho where technology is still behind and lack of resources.

Thank you
how do i build optimal program designs and solutions ?
I have recently started learning to program with visual c# and i'm enjoying it but my problem is that my practice solutions are always very rough ( a lot of trial and error and no definite design plan).
I know about selecting classes and all that but my solution strategies are not always optimal.
What i want to know is how i can design optimal solutions for different problems.
Is it object oriented programming i need to study, design pattterns or something else ?
I have to work hard at developing a solution and although I've only been programming a couple of months it appears to me that a step-by-step thinking approach is required to solve programming problems.
I don't naturally think in a step-by-step manner and it tires me out to apply this kind of thinking.
1) Is there a way I can learn this type of thinking?
2) Are there other ways of thinking that work well in solving programming problems?
Thank you