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Getting Back Into The Job Market: How To Start A Business Analyst Career

The good news is that the economy is adding on jobs because it is the time of year when budgets have been approved and employers traditionally post more jobs and because the economy is also beginning to recover.

This is as good a time as any to dust off your resume, polish your act and start the career you have always wanted.

This article tells you how to do that ... get back into the job market and start the business analyst career you've always wanted!

What Are Employers Hiring For?

Let's start by reviewing what employers are hiring for, so that you can give them what they want.

  1. Employers are hiring educated business analysts

    I would like to emphasize that having an MBA or a college degree while being helpful, does not make you an educated business analyst.

    Having a degree like an MBA, MIS or computer science degree is considered to be a general educational qualification.

    And the job market requires more specific, business analysis oriented education on topics like UML, Use Cases, Requirements Management, etc.

  2. Employers are hiring skilled business analysts

    These are considered to be business analysts with cutting-edge skills who can hit the ground running, provide timely, focused and relevant business solutions or provide expert business guidance or solutions to the employer.

    At the job interview, a candidate is perceived to be sharp if he or she can answer questions in a comprehensive, correct, detailed, factual and timely manner.

    So, this is a question of how well you can recall, retain or re-use your business analysis knowledge.

  3. Employers are looking for hands-on business analysis experience

    However, your hands-on experience is not always the same as how long you have been working as a business analyst.

    Employers are more interested in how prepared you are to provide solutions to challenging business problems than in your length of years in the industry!

    So, do not focus on how many years you have or have not been working as a business analyst. Instead, focus on the depth, richness or breadth of your experience!

So, with these points in mind, I will show you how to get back into the business analysis job market.

How To Start A Business Analysis Career

The first step to getting back into the BA job market is to recognize what employers are looking or hiring for.

The next step after figuring out the needs of employers in the current job market is to give them what they want.

I recommend that you start by attending the business analyst boot camp and here is why:

  1. Becoming a Better Business Analyst

  2. Your first task towards getting back into the job market is to become the most knowledgable business analyst you can be.

    The business analyst boot camp helps you with that by training you on the concepts, skills, methodologies, tools or techniques used by business analysis in an online learning environment.

    Through online training videos, presented in a step by step manner, you learn or master beginner to advanced level topics in UML, Use Cases, Requirements Analysis, Elicitation, Modeling and more ...

  3. Become A Skilled Business Analyst

  4. Research has shown that one of the best ways to sharpen your skills is to practice answering questions like you are in a job interview.

    The business analyst boot camp uses the same technique for sharpening your skills or preparing you for the job market.

    You are presented with single/multiple-choice practice tests or quizzes that sharpen your skills by helping improve the correctness, promptness and comprehensiveness of your answers to business analysis questions.

  5. Shortening The BA Experience Gap

  6. One of the key features of the business analysis boot camp is the incorporation of hands-on business analysis tasks as part of you training.

    With the help of our learning management system (LMS), you are challenged to master your material through practical, skill-building, hands-on exercises, problems, case studies, tasks or projects.

Here is a quick review of what the business analyst boot camp online training class offers:

Review Of Online Business Analysis Training

  • The Business Analyst Boot Camp learning management system presents you with foundational business analysis concepts to start with.

  • Once you are through with the foundational concepts, more advanced concepts are introduced or presented step by step.

  • All your assignments, quizzes, hands-on tasks or projects are graded and the results instantly displayed in your real-time, online progress monitoring tool!

  • All the courses are offered online and your videos are retained as part of your account. What this means is that you can go back or refer to any lecture, refresh your mind or re-train yourself at will!

The goal of the business analyst boot camp is to help you become an expert or highly skilled business analyst.

Achieving the goal of becoming an expert or highly skilled business analyst is critical to career success because it addresses the key concerns that employers have when hiring new business analysts or promoting their existing internal business analysts to a new position.

This post helps you understand the key reasons why employers hire or retain business analysts and it shows you how to start your business analysis career or get back into the job market by addressing the employers concerns.


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My toughest challenge facing my career is getting my foot on the ladder and getting my very 1st business analyst job.
I even considered working voluntarily but such jobs are hard to come by
Start your career change to business analysis at your current job. \n\nLook for opportunities at your current place of work where you can serve as a business analyst.\n\nYou don't need to start with a full-time business analyst job because you may not have enough experience or skills to justify that but you can fulfill smaller business analysis roles for your firm.\n\nFor example, you may volunteer for specific business analysis roles and then work your way up to a full-time business analyst job from there.\n\nUnderstanding this will change your whole outlook on the job market. \n\nSo, instead of worrying about finding a brand new BA job, you will be on the look out for opportunities to be of service at your current place of employment.\n\nInstead of worrying about how you can make one big leap and start your business analyst career, you can transition your career in smaller steps.\n\nThis approach suggests that instead of you taking on a lot of risk to change your career ... you break that risk into smaller, more manageable chunks.\n\nSo many folks are stuck in their career change because they have bitten off more than they can chew and they fail to realize that life doesn't work that way!\n\n here is some more information on how to start a business analyst career
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Could you advise what is required for one to successfully do well in the BA skills requirement (UML, Requirements, sql, etc..) ?
Can everyone do it or is it more for specific people with math skills or other background?
I guess what i'm trying to say is that is there a specific background that would work bettter for others to learn successfully the skills requirement or anyone can if they put time and effort?
I hope you understand my question.
Thanks - these articles make me realise that I have lot of skills from my current role to take to business analysis role.
I'm more into Oracle Financials/Lease management ERP implementation roles with 8 years experience techno-functionally - starting as a developer and then becoming techno-functional consultant - Since I freelance, I'm currently involved right from the start of requirements even till coding as a developer - but I want to stop at the design level and have developers work on that - I'm intending to move on to the next process improvement
My long term goal is to be in the technology management roles - I'm intending to go down the business analyst route through to business systems manager and to the technology mgmt roles
I currently just have Bachelors degree in Engg - Would these certifications help to properly become a BA along with my experience
1. ISEB Business Analysis Essentials
2. ICAEW - Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business
Please advise !!