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"My results from following the IT-Career-Coach software developer training program have been unbelievable.

When I joined the program, I was earning $8.25 per hour as a call center rep for a car rental company.

I started with the SQL Boot Camp Program. I also purchased the resume, job search and interview program.

Within two weeks of completing the program, I had taken three interviews and I got hired as an entry-level Data Analyst. The job paid me $15 per hour. I worked with Microsoft Access database, creating reports and running queries.

I was ecstatic about getting off the phone job and also doubling my salary. I stayed at that job for six months and then began poking around the programming side of things.

I worked with several software developers who worked with Visual Studio, creating applications and making more money than I did.

That was when I decided to join the Software Developer Boot Camp. Six months later, I got my first developer job that paid me $35 per hour through a staffing firm.

There is no book or program out there that could have taken me step by step from my call center job to a full-blown computer job.

ITCareerCoach's program showed me what to study, how to study, how to use the new knowledge and how to market myself to employers. Thank You!"

M. A., Florissant, MO.(SQL Boot Camp, Software Developer Boot Camp and Resume, Job Search & Interview Coaching Graduate)

"There is such a wealth of information out there that it can be overwhelming to someone trying to figure out what they need to know.

I mean, when you look in your local bookstore you will see a huge section of books to help, but what you won't find is the insider information that will teach you exactly is the most profitable and what techniques you absolutely must know.

You also won't find any resources that will give you the inside information about how to write a specific resume so you stand out from the crowd. You also won't find the inside information about what interview questions to expect and more importantly - how to answer them!

ITCareerCoach supplied all this information and more. And not only that, but it was structured in such a way that it was easy to learn. Each step builds on what I learned in the previous step so I never get overwhelmed.

You have given me the keys that have allowed me to unlock my potential - and I will forever be grateful.

Matt Kovacs, Saint Louis, MO (Software Developer Boot Camp and Resume, Job Search & Interview Coaching Graduate)

"I'm very enthusiastic about the Business Analyst Boot Camp course work ... on reviewing one of the initial documents titled 'How to Get a Business Analyst Job', I had realized that my resume was not quite focused enough to generate activity.

I had subscribed to a feature on a particular online job site that allows me to see who has been reviewing my resume. My original draft was dismal garnering only three hits in about eight weeks. I tweaked and updated my resume after reviewing the 'Killer Resume' section and received eighteen hits over the last few days and I'm getting call backs!"

David, New York (Business Analyst Boot Camp Student)

"I worked on just one strategy and was blown away with the results ... I have no real-world business analyst experience. However, based on all that I have been learning in the business analyst training, I made some changes to my resume and posted it on specific job sites.

Within the week, I started getting calls from staffing agencies. I met with the recruiters and the were so impressed, with what I knew that a couple of them offered to submit me to hiring managers at a billing rate of $35/r.

I am so amazed, excited and surprised that this stuff works ... and i am going back to complete my training !"

J.E., Missouri, USA

"ITCareerCoach has helped me to get back in the swing of things. I was doing better with practicing my skills and my job search after
I graduated, but I had lost my focus and drive after a while. I now have an action plan.

ITCareerCoach gave me customized, practical, real-world career information that I have never found anywhere else.

I am lucky that I came across his website by accident (I was researching something). I like that the programs were affordable
and well worth the price.

ITCareerCoach has taught me things that I never learned in graduate school. He has opened up a whole new world for me.
Thank you!!!"

AnnMarie Caruso, Bronx, NY

"ITCareerCoach presented me with a curriculum that I was able to follow and manage at my own pace.

As I studied and worked through the material, I was provided great assistance whenever I needed it. He did this by responding to questions
quickly and personally communicating by email. We even worked together to find text books that better match my learning style.

ITCareerCoach's services and attention during this course have been excellent. I would recommend ITCareerCoach's career coaching course
to anyone who wants to learn enter this job market. I found his expertise to be excellent and his attention to my learning progress was key to my success.

I plan to continue using ITCareerCoach's services for various technical training efforts and will recommend the course to my coworkers and

Bill Hoffman - IT Manager , Fortune 100 Corporation

"I have been out of work for 1 year. Now, I have learned how to get back in the game and I know exactly what this will take.

ITCareerCoach does not waste any time on information that will not help you. This is NOT a re-hash of stuff you have already heard before.

I wish they taught a course like this in school.

Terrick Wilkerson, Chicago, IL

"ITCareerCoach introduced me to the world of object oriented programming, and his patient guidance has helped me to overcome my fears, doubts, and gaps in knowledge.

Right now I am still learning about C#. I have been at it for only a few months but I can honestly say that I have come farther than if I had paid thousands to attend a college. ITCareerCoach has given me the confidence and courage to reach for a better job.

One of the things I've found most helpful is ITCareerCoach's willingness to answer even the most simple questions. That is important because even if everyone else knows it -- YOU DON'T--. ITCareerCoach is willing to answer any question and encourage you, not embarrass you because you don't know.

ITCareerCoach's intimate knowledge of the IT industry, who's hiring who's not, what skills are the most valuable, these are the assets that set him above the rest and will set you on the fast track to becoming a computer programmer.

I have come to know ITCareerCoach as a professional and as a friend and I believe there is no one with more integrity or with more passion for helping people better themselves."

Chris Newgent, USA

"I got many answers to the questions that I was not able to solve myself for the last six months. How to get experience if you have none? What to expect from a IT job? How much effort will it take from one's side to get into IT? I understood the point when he explains that you don't have to be a math whiz or a rocket scientist to write good computer programs.

I really liked the solution that he has given to the question. How does one gets in the industry when he has lack of experience? He gives a great solution to this problem."

Nitin Kapur, India

"I recommend ITCareerCoach for Business Analyst Job Interviews prep

I found the materials easy to follow for learning the various skills that a BA needs

I discovered how to do a thorough area-wise (location) research on the prospects of BA jobs where one resides.

What I mean here is the stress on micro detailing for a BA job vs. the more commonly used macro approach that is adopted
while looking for a job. This of course is dependent on whether or not one wants to work where they live. Still there are a lot of small job boards that list local BA jobs and it's worth it to go through these in detail."

Sumit Sharma, NYC, NY

"I have to say the most life impacting information I received from ITCareerCoach was the realization that it was possible. I have wanted a programming job for years but told myself that I didn't have the education, the experience, or the knowledge to get a job... Yet I have dabbled in many languages and have strong understanding of programming, it was a hobby... I realized ITCareerCoach destroyed every excuse I ever came up with... every doubt obliterated and I had to metaphorically slap myself silly for not doing it earlier. He gives examples and lays down a plan that made my dreams realizable.

I have really focused my efforts and am learning industry standard technologies. I am following the plan that ITCareerCoach laid out ... I have arranged to provide software I develop to a business I had worked for, so that I can get the experience and references I need.... This is what corresponding with ITCareerCoach has taught me plus more....

I would have to say what I learned that I had no idea about before was the sequencing... all life is made up of what, the same 6 proteins... but its the sequence that makes everything work and every animal different. I had no Idea how to make the knowledge and skills I had work... His secret is the sequence, what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and for how long, so that it all make sense.

I would and have recommended ITCareerCoach to my friends. I have shared to everyone what I am calling my LIFE MAKEOVER (since makeover shows are popular right now) and that ITCareerCoach was the catalyst to my transformation."

Scott Heinrichs, Phoenix, Arizona

"The best feature of this course is that it really tells you what you need to know to succeed in the IT industry. You really don't need all of the useless education that the colleges what to make you think that you need to have a great computer job.

Right now I am still learning a computer language called SQL. I am reading about it every day. I am really excited about learning about this system. Not only do I like his product but the customer service is excellent. I had a question about the product he answered me right away. Some companies take days to answer a concern or problem.

Omar Donovan, Charlotte, North Carolina


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