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We can help you achieve your career goals by providing you with the knowledge, skills and experience that you need to succeed.

  • Advance To The Next Level In Your Career

    By sharpening your skills, increasing your hands-on, real world experience or giving you the latest, up-to-date information and training, we can help you advance your IT career.

  • Prepare For A New Role Or Career Transition

    We can help you connect the dots between your present situation and the role or career you are transitioning to by giving you the hands-on experience sought and valued by IT Managers.

  • Learn Or Master New Career Skills Quickly

    We help you reduce the time it takes to acquire new skills so you are up-to-date and productive on the job easily. We improve your learning using a combination of the latest training technologies, tools and learning principles which are built into our Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Saving You Time And Money

    By providing you with a complete, beginner to advanced training in one program, you save on paying for multiple training courses that only cover a fraction of your career needs! Because you have access to the training videos after your training is completed, you can attend as many refresher courses as you want for free!


We provide affordable, convenient and effective training programs for business analysts, computer programmers, data analysts, project managers, software testers, web developers, report writers or other software development professionals who want to take their career to the next level.

  • Career Advancement Planning: We offer a complete, beginner to advanced, comprehensive training curriculum administered via our Learning Management System (LMS). Our LMS software walks you through the courses or lessons in your training plan and records your progress in your online transcript.

  • Hands-On Skills and Experience: As you practice recalling and using new information in our Learning Management System (LMS), you improve your technical mastery, skills and confidence. The information you learn by watching our training videos is reinforced by quizzes or hands on activities to improve learning and retention. Finally, by solving real-world problems under guidance, you gain the critical, career defining hands-on real-world experience valued by IT managers.

  • Interactive Learning Environment (ILE): You learn through video-based courses in an interactive mode. You can watch your videos anytime, anywhere, interact with your instructors or get more personalized guidance. We understand that you want to learn at your own pace or time and that your learning style, background or skills is unique to you, so we present you with multiple ways of learning new information via our Interactive Learning Environment (ILE).


Here are more ways that our IT Career training can benefit you:

  1. Live Online Web-based Video Training Online, Web-Based Video Training

    • Our Video courses are delivered to you in a web based, online training and learning management system (LMS). You are given a private, secure login for watching the step-by-step training videos as often and as long as you want.

    • Web based training is more flexible than traditional, class based training or other forms of distance learning because you can log-in with a private or secure access and take your training at a convenient time, from the comfort of your home or office and from any location in the world

    • You do not have to pay extra for the step-by-step training videos or live presentations! You may log-in to watch the video presentations at your convenience ... or as often as you want!

  2. InstructorLed, Hands-On, Interactive Training Instructor Led, Hands-On, Interactive Training

    • You are assigned a live instructor for each course you register for. Your instructor provides one-on-one guidance, help, coaching or mentoring through our web-based, e-learning software.

    • You trainer works one-on-one with you to review, evaluate or grade your assignments, essay quizzes, hands-on projects or lab-work.

    • Your can ask your trainer any technical question after watching a video or attending a live presentation. Your instructor walks you through any technical or difficult content. You can ask your course instructor as many questions you need to clarify any steps or procedures you watched on the video.

  3. Realtime Progress Feedback, Quiz, Transcript, Certificate  Instant Progress Assessment, Transcripts, Certificate

    • Real-time Report Card: A report card built into the training software records and displays your grades as you progress through the training. Your report card is always up-to-date and available only to you. As soon as a learning activity (quizz, lab-work, hands-on project etc.) is graded, the score is instantly available on your report card.

    • Quizzes: You are assigned quizzes as you study or watch the training videos. Quizzes improve retention, comprehension and understanding. Some of the quizzes are open-ended similar to the open ended technical conversations you engage in with your peers or managers. Other quizzes are single choices or multiple-choices.

    • Career Planning, Transcript and Training Certificate: Your online report card shows at a glance your performance in all the courses available in your training program. As soon as you complete your training, you are mailed a training certificate with a detailed transcript.

Anyone ... Anywhere ... Anytime Training

  1. Location Independence:  You can enroll for a course from Tokyo, Japan or Calgary, Alberta, Canada or New York City, USA or from any city without having to travel

  2. Affordable:  Information technology (IT) training is expensive. You pay for Hotel + Food + Travel + Tuition Fees! A combined Beginner's class + Intermediate course + Advanced class quickly adds up to more than 5,000 dollars. But you can register for our training at fraction of that cost!

  3. Convenient:  You don't have to be out-of-office, miss work deadlines or personal commitments or fall behind at work. You may take your training during office breaks or at home … in the evening hours! Whatever is convenient for you, works for us as well!

  4. Career-Focused: the additional skills you gain after training are immediately relevant to your career or employer!


Here are some of the ways that our training differs and will help you achieve your career goals faster, better or more effectively:

  • You Use Multiple Learning Channels To Improve Learning

    You get multiple ways of learning new information so that your mind understands, remembers or recalls information better. We understand that everyone has a learning style so we have more than one way of presenting new information to you

  • You Gain Hands-on, Real World Experience

    We provide you with a virtual learning environment that allows you to practice and use the new skills that you are learning under the guidance of mentors, instructors or coaches. That means that you get back to work with a ton of real-world, cutting edge skills and experience

  • You Use Testing To Boost Your Learning

    We use quizzes to help you improve memory, retention and recall and not to fail you for not understanding your lectures. The results of the quizzes are recorded in an online, real-time report card so that you can assess your progress and opportunities for improvement

  • We Fully Embrace The Latest In Training Technology

    We have adopted the latest in e-learning, learning management systems, interactive learning technology for your benefit. We've embraced the leading edge in 21st. century information technology training for your career.

  • You Get Lifelong Practical Skills

    Have you ever wondered why you don't use most of what you learn from those training events where you rush through new material in 3 or 5 days? The challenge of short term training is that you cannot recall the information or use it effectively on the job! That's why we've designed our training to include hands-on projects that allow you to practice, develop or improve the skills you use at work.

You can register now for our Online, Video Based, Web Based, Instructor Led, Hands On, Beginner to Advanced IT Professional Training. Here are some of the training programs that we offer:

  • Business Analyst Boot Camp

  • Software Developer Boot Camp

  • SQL Boot Camp

  • Relational Database (RDBMS) Boot Camp

  • Data Analyst Boot Camp

  • Report Writers Boot Camp

  • Project Management Boot Camp


  • International Students Are Welcome: 
    We accept students from USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa. The training we offer is an anyone, anyplace, anytime training.

  • International Wire Transfers or Payment: 
    We accept international bank account payments, wire transfers, credit card or debit card payments. PayPal which is integrated with our shopping cart offers you the ability to wire or transfer funds from your account safely.

  • Security & Safety: We use PayPal to process your payments, so your bank account or credit card information is not exposed. PayPal processes your payment in a secured, confidential manner and notifies us when your payment is processes safely and securely.


The training we offer is scarcely found anywhere else at ten times the cost ... that is why we will not guarantee the current prices. So you need to take advantage of our limited time offer now and Register For Training.


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