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Bringing Your Passion To Market ...

"Bring Your Passion To Market" is our Unique, Differentiating Formula for promoting or selling your products, services, ideas, skills or your business using a branded combination of: "Web Development", "Database Design & Business Services", "Web Design" and "Content Marketing Services.

This is how our "Bring Your Passion To Market" System helps:

Web Development Services

Hire us to build a cross-browser web application that is characterized by rich interactivity, a mobile, responsive user interface (UI) and an immersive and engaging user experience (UX).

Here is what you can get from our branded "Bring Your Passion / Product / Business To Market" Web Development Services:

  1. Front End CRUD + Search Screens: we will provide your application with the ability to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) database operations or Search services with paging from your User Interface (UI) without refreshing or reloading your pages.

  2. An Interactive, Web 2.0 Website: designed using JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks like "Jquery, Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library or MooTools" for the best user experience.

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Database Design & Development Services

Don't have a database designed yet? Not to worry!

  1. Hire us to design and develop a fully functional database model complete with the SQL queries, stored procedures or views needed to run your business.

  2. Do you want to provide access to your databases via web services? We can help.

    Hire us to provide access to your database tables / views via web services (jSon, oData, Soap Services, Web Services, Web Api, etc.).

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Web Design Services

A professional Web Design is absolutely essential if you want to stand out in your industry and convert your site visitors into paying customers.

Differentiate your business from competitors running websites designed for the 90's or websites lacking those elements or features that add value to their business.

Hiring us means that your Web Design will be professional, modern and a good fit for your message, customers, products or services.

Here is what you can get from our branded "Bring Your Passion To Market" Web Design Services:

  1. A Standards Compliant User Interface (UI): designed in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

  2. A State of the Art: Content Management System developed in "PHP, MySQL and WordPress" or website designed with "ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET or SQL Server".

  3. A Branded Web Theme: our web design services will incorporate your business branding into the look and feel of your website so that it reinforces or incorporates your brand.

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Web Writing & Content Marketing Services

We can help you craft, unique, compelling, differentiated or branded content in the form of articles, blog posts or eBooks.

Keep in mind that well-written content (blog posts or articles) is the best way to bring targeted, engaged or loyal site visitors that convert into paying customers!

  1. Choosing The Right Market, Segment or Niche: Our "Bring Your Passion To Market" System will help you choose a market that is at the intersection of something you're good at, something you care about and something other people in your chosen industry, niche or market segment need, find useful and are willing to pay for.

  2. Differentiate Your Business and Standout In Your Industry: we can help you standout by creating a compelling, unique message that addresses the needs of your specific, target audience or segment through a series of authoritative, foundational articles or blog posts.

  3. Personal or Business Brand: pur content development or marketing services includes creating a brand that tells your story in a unique, personal, authentic manner.

    Your personal or business story, website theme, business name, elevator speech, logo, domain and content will be redesigned to reinforce your brand.

  4. Blogging or Article Writing: Outstanding content is foundational to a successful website.

    We can help you write those conversational, helpful, relevant blog posts or articles that keeps your visitors interested engaged in performing actions that spell success for your business.

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