How To Break The Unemployment Cycle?

How To Break The Unemployment Cycle
How To Break The Unemployment Cycle

Sometime ago, Glendal (a project manager on this website) asked me to suggest a solution for the current unemployment crises facing the USA. While still working on an answer to that, the same question was again popped to me in a recent interview with

Since this is a question weighing on the minds of people … Today, it will be my pleasure to answer the question: “How To Solve The Unemployment Crises Facing The United States of America.“.

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John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy

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I started this website out of a sincere desire to help others succeed at their Information Technology (IT) careers. You see, I had a hard time starting my IT career because I was misled several times by poor advise, myths or outright lies!

In 1994, one of my mentors actually said that I would never be able to start my desired IT career because I didn’t have the talent for it. Another mentor said that following my heart or doing what I love” by choosing a career in Information Technology was not smart! According to him, I would be better of with a stable career in medicine or law because information technology careers were new, untested and unproven.