How To Build A Career In Information Security (INFOSEC)

Career Advice - Ask IT Career Coach
Career Advice - Ask IT Career Coach

This post is a first in an important way. It is the first post in our [Ask IT Career Coach] series where we present a lesser known but equally valuable Information Technology (IT) career option.

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I would like to start this post by introducing our [Ask IT Career Coach] service, a Career Advice Column that offers answers, help or solutions for your most challenging career situations.

How Do I Start My Career In Information Security?

Here is the first question on Information Security sent in from Waukesha, Wisconsin

Learning C++ Programming Language Is Bad For Your Career … C++ Programmers Can’t Find Jobs

Learning A Marketable Skill?
Learning A Marketable Skill?


Do you want to learn the C++ programming language or become a C/C++ computer programmer?

Have you ever asked this question? which programming language is the most complex and challenging?? and received the answer C++?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. About 13 years ago, I asked my mentors in computer programming which programming language is the hardest, toughest, most difficult to learn? and I got the same reply as you… C++.

I asked the question because I wanted to become a successful computer programmer.