Can a 55 year old female become a programmer?

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This question was submitted by Anoush from Glendale, California … Hello, I am a 55 years old female, I have done mainframe programming for more than 25 years before and I was very good in that.

However i have left my job for 10 years now helping my husband in accounting firm.

Do I have a chance to be hired if I learn .NET and create a software?

  1. Do What You Love – Do You Love Computer Programming?

    If you love learning programming languages you will put in the hard work that it takes to be the best programmer you can be.

How to list two different careers on a resume

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Resume Writing & Cover Letters Coaching
Resume Writing & Cover Letters Coaching

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Here is a question submitted by Michael, an IT Project Manager

How can I incorporate my 14 years Supply Chain / Logistics background with my current IT Project Management experience, without aging myself or making myself unmarketable.

How To Overcome Age Based Discrimination In Employment

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older workers good for business
older workers good for business

If you’re over 40 and you’re changing careers or looking for work, you’re probably concerned about how age discrimination affects your career.

In conversations with older workers, the common question I’m hearing is “how will age based discrimination affect my chances of keeping a job or getting hired or transitioning to a new career?”

Some say that age is the determining factor in not getting a job and that’s even when one demonstrates the required skills!