How To Improve your Resume, Job Search & Interviews or Get a Tech Job

Can You Perform? Prove It!
To become a medical doctor or a lawyer you need training, internship and finally you get a license or certification to practice.
However, there is no such path to starting an IT Career! There is no legally binding qualification or certification for becoming a computer programmer or a business analyst or a data analyst or a database developer!
The path to becoming an IT professional is littered with myths and misconceptions because the emphasis is really on you to prove that you are as good as you say you are!

Proving You Can Perform Get's You an IT Job

The path to IT Career success begins and ends with your performance.
You prove that you can perform a role well based on your past experience or hands-on skills and you are hired!
Information Technology (IT) is a performance based career.
You are assumed to be incompetent inspite of your educational achievements or degrees or Alma Mater until you prove that you have the needed experience to get the job done!

You Perform to Secure Your IT Job

You are judged daily based on your performance after you get hired.
Every day of your employment is a new performance test and the best way to keep your IT job is to constantly perform above expectations.
If you fail to keep up your performance, you lose your IT job regardless of your past achievements, educational qualifications or IT degrees

You Perform To Get Promoted in IT Careers

Your performance today determines your promotion tomorrow.
You have to continually learn or master new skills and then solve new problems based on your new skills or abilities.
You can't keep on performing the same task over and over and expect to go places!
You have to constantly advance your skills, accept new responsibilities, stretch your current abilities, learn new technologies or your career becomes extinct like the Dodo. It is like you must dance to a new tune every day!

Why are Careers in Information Technology (IT) Performance Based?

IT Managers hold this truth to be self-evident: your past performance is the best indicator of your future performance.
So, while IT Managers will appreciate your certifications, degrees and educational qualifications, they will hire you based on how well your past hands-on working experience matches their job opening

Performance is The Road Map to IT Career Success

There is no real support for transitioning into a new IT Career.
If you are studying to become a medical doctor, the emphasis is on the process ... the quality of your medical training.
So, you are examined, tested and certified continuously
If you are studying to become a database analyst or transitioning to a new IT Role, the emphasis is placed on your performance ... so, you are a database analyst when you can perform the roles and responsibilities of a database analyst comfortably!

Low Barrier to IT Careers

This is great because you have no real barrier to pursuing IT Career Success ... you can become a database developer or a business analyst or a software developer or a project manager without additional artificial constraints.
So, you don't need to get a special license before practicing or a special educational background or attend a special college ... you can literally just perform and succeed overnight!

Everyone Needs a Road Map

The reality is that a lot of IT professionals get lost in the jungle of studying by themselves or navigating the challenges of work or gaps left by training vendors or schools!

Why do IT Workers Fail To Perform?

  • IT workers fail to perform because job requirements are not consistent: Employers sometimes make up their own requirements, job descriptions and performance based tests ... just because they can.

  • IT workers fail to perform because they are unskilled: IT Workers who are not skilled in the roles or tasks they are performing will under-perform compared to their colleagues.
    Improving performance in a role requires that one raises the level of skill through consistent and regular practice which is consistent with the research finding Practice Testing Improves Skills

  • IT workers fail to perform because training is not hands-on: IT Managers are unable to realize their training investments whenever hands-on mentoring or coaching is absent from a training curriculum.

The Solution ... What Really Separates Top IT Performers From Everyone Else?

New Research findings now tells us that top performers like Tiger Woods or Mozart did not achieve success because of their genes but because they spent a lot of hours rigorously practicing their craft!
So, join us and learn how to practice, improve and perform ...and leave the mystery, guessing and myths to those who can afford to fail!


  1. Hard Work + Mentoring = Success By Mark McGuinness

  2. Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else By Geoff Colvin

  3. The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How By Daniel Coyle


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