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Boot Camps For IT Professionals Begin
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If you want to advance your career plan to attend the next Boot Camp.

The IT professional Boot Camps are designed for business analysts, software developers, data analysts, report writers or other software developer professionals interested in taking their career to the next level.

Why Attend A Boot Camp?

If you are looking for, "how to advance your career by learning hot, in-demand skills in a convenient, effective, affordable way", then look no further than the Business Analyst Boot Camp Training or the Software Developer Boot Camp Training or the SQL Boot Camp Training.

The Boot Camp Training events follow a well-defined plan for achieving career success. The IT Professional Boot Camps uses a combination of the most effective technical training tools including Video Training, Instructor-Led Online Classes, Live Hands-On Training Broadcast On the Internet, Study Textbooks by Industry Leading Professionals, Rigorous Continuous Assessments, Test or Quizzes and more.

Here is are review of the IT Professional Boot Camp Training:

Online Video Training

Video Training is highly effective because you can watch an instructor perform tasks or solve problems as if you are in a traditional class room. Videos are used through all the Boot Camps including the Business Analyst Boot Camp Training or the Software Developer Boot Camp Training or the SQL Boot Camp Training. Video Training helps in reducing or eliminating the need for students or participants to travel or spend a lot of money on traditional classroom training.

Tests Or Quizzes

If you are the type of person that is given to taken tests or quizzes, our boot camp has something for you. After you watch videos and participate in reading exercises, you are tested to improve your retention or understanding of the concepts or facts you learn.

The tests and quizzes are automated and delivered to you through a dedicated learning management system (LMS) used by the boot camps. After you take a test, your score is recorded and made available to you through a real-time, online report card.
Quizzes are integrated into the Boot Camps because they facilitate learning and help improve technical mastery

Live Instructor-Led Classes

For the duration of your Boot Camp training, you are assigned Instructors, Coaches or Mentors who are responsible for interacting with directly you and answering any questions or concerns you have as you progress along the study material or watch the training videos.

This is because we expect that in addition to watching the Training Videos, you will want to pose questions or get one-on-one guidance.

The Learning Management System used for the Boot Camps includes a facility that enables private, secure discussions between you and your Course Instructor.

Hands-On Practical Assignments

After watching Training Videos, you are given assignments which require you to complete activities or tasks. These assignments are similar to the hands-on tasks or roles you perform on the job. The difference is that the training assignments are submitted back to your Course Instructor for evaluation, grading and one-on-one feedback.

Recommended Reading

Each Boot Camp has a recommended reading list comprised of a few textbooks written by professionals. These textbooks are guaranteed to be useful to the participants throughout the lifetime of their career. Textbooks are especially useful in situations when a student wants additional reference material in addition to the Training Videos.

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Our approach to IT career training is novel because we have successfully integrated several modes of training including online video training, mentoring, hands-on training and practical tests for a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

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While the Official Curriculum for the SQL Boot Camp and the Business Analyst Boot Camp have been released, the Official Software Developer Boot Camp Curriculum hasn\'t
We will be releasing that within the next week or two and we will make sure that you get a copy of it when we do.
Thanks again for your input :-)
One of the great innovations that i have recently seen is the detailed curriculum of the BUSINESS ANALYST and SQL courses. This is very useful in evaluating the course content so that one can decide whether the course meets their needs or not.When do we get the curriculum for SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT course..or did i miss that one....thanks for the great service.
Jonathan Mukundu