How To Improve your Resume, Job Search & Interviews or Get a Tech Job


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Here is how to transition careers or start from scratch by following a clear plan that moves you forward!

This handbook uncovers how to start from scratch in your chosen career, get valuable hands-on experience or ace job interviews.

Here is a review of some of the content:

  • How To Jumpstart Your Career: My Story - Your Story - pg. 11

  • How to Set your Career Goals and Objectives - pg. 31

  • How To Get More Out Of Your Career - pg. 38

  • How to Get Hands-On Experience without a Job - pg. 41

  • How To Interview or Get Hired - pg. 45

  • How To Find Top Paying and In-Demand IT Careers - pg. 54

  • How To Stay Ahead Of The Technology Curve - Your Study Coach - pg. 54

  • How To Search for IT Jobs - Your Job Search Coach - pg. 82

  • How To Technical Interviews Or Land IT Jobs - Your Job Interview Coach - pg. 102

  • How to Negotiate Job Offers - Salary & Compensation Coach - pg. 138

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