Instant Progress Feedback, Transcript, Training Certificate

  • Real-time Report Card: A report card built into the training software records and displays your grades as you progress through the training. Your report card is always up to date and available only to you. As soon as a learning activity (quizz, lab-work, hands-on project etc.) is graded, the score is instantly available on your report card.

  • Quizzes: You are assigned quizzes as you study or watch the training videos. Quizzes improve retention, comprehension and understanding. Some of the quizzes are open-ended similar to the open ended technical conversations you engage in with your peers or managers. Other quizzes are single choices or multiple-choices.

  • Career Planning, Transcript and Training Certificate: Your online report card shows at a glance your performance in all the courses available in your training program. As soon as you complete your training, you are mailed a training certificate with a detailed transcript.

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