Learning How To Automate A Business Will Make You More Marketable!

Learning How To Automate A Business
How To Automate A Business Or Become More Marketable!

Learning how to automate a business will improve your marketability because business owners, employers or Information Technology (IT) managers have an ongoing need to streamline business processes, reduce operational costs or increase marketing and sales revenue … needs that are directly addressed by business process automation skills, experience or expertise!

Automating a business requires a broad, cross-functional set of IT professionals including business analysts, software developers, data analysts, database developers, project managers, web designers, software testers, network administrators and more …

In this article and in subsequent articles in this series, I will get you started on the path of “learning business process automation“, so that you can “gain more marketable skills by solving some of the biggest challenges facing businesses today“!

Practically every worthwhile business needs to continuously increase the efficiency, speed or agility of core business functions like accounting, marketing & sales, services, product development, human resources management, etc. by automating repetitious, manual, tedious, boring, time-intensive, error-prone or complex business processes using one or more off-the-shelf or custom software applications & systems.

Usually, business or IT management will start a business process automation project that promises the highest return on investment (ROI) for their firm, then hire one or more IT professionals (business analysts, software developers, database developers, etc.) with experience, expertise or skills in that area of business process automation.

Here are some of the reasons why skills, experience or expertise in automating business systems is valued by IT / business management …

Automating a Business to Gain More Leads or Customers

Both for-profit and non-profit organizations depend on gaining new leads and/or customers to stay in business.

For profit businesses need the sales and revenue from new customers to stay in business while non-profits need new customers to join their cause or spread the word about their mission.

Marketing / Sales automation address these needs directly by increasing the efficiency or ease of acquiring, tracking, managing or communicating with new leads, prospects or customers!

Automating a Business to Improve Customer Service & Satisfaction

Automating service delivery or product development processes can lead to increased customer satisfaction and/or retention by providing real-time access to ordering, scheduling, appointment-booking, shipping, product returns information to a business and its customers.

For example, customers can directly request or book appointments with service personnel or see all the open and available slots across multiple service personnel (nurses, doctors, chiropractors, etc.).

Customers can also place orders directly without the expense of involving company personnel and they can also see in real-time, where their orders are in the fulfillment and shipping process without having to call-in or talk to someone!

This increased streamlining of processes and constant, real-time access to ordering, shipping or fulfillment processes / information creates unparalleled customer service experience, increases customer satisfaction, improves communication with customers, boosts customer confidence and satisfaction!

As you can see, automating manual processes is a high priority for Information Technology (IT) / Business Managers, because the benefits are clear and indispensable to business continuity, growth or profitability.

In the next set of articles in this series, I will continue discussing: “How To Gain Marketable Skills By Automating A Business“.

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