How To Become A Computer Programmer

How To Become A Computer Programmer
How To Become A Computer Programmer

I would encourage you to learn computer programming because it is a rewarding career that is open to all regardless of age, gender or background. 

Here are some of the reasons why “learning computer programming” is a good decision for anyone who is sincerely interested in the career …

Computer Programmers Are In High Demand 

There is a higher demand for computer programmers with specialized programming skills in languages like CSharp or Visual Basic.NET than there is a supply of skilled or trained computer programmers in these programming languages.

Having said this, I want to stress that not every programming language is in high-demand.

So, if you want to be marketable, you must focus on learning only those programming skills that are in high demand … like those that I just mentioned.

Computer Programming Is A Merit-based, Skill Driven Career

Computer programming is more about your skills than it is about your age, gender, race, education or any other discriminatory factor!

So, don’t focus on the reasons why you won’t get hired, instead, focus on becoming a highly skilled computer programmer and you will be OK.

Yes, I know that there are careers where advancement is based on looks, age, cronyism or any number of arbitrary factors.

But computer programming is not one of those because as a programmer, your advancement, success, employment depends on your ability to create and/or deliver tangible assets in the form of writing code / software programs.

Computer Programming Offers Flexible Lifestyles

You have multiple lifestyle options as a computer programmer. You may work as a freelance programmer for example (assuming that you don’t want to work in someone’s office) or work as W2 consultant / 1099 independent contractor or work as a salaried, full-time employee!

This means that you have the freedom of choosing what works best for you based on where you are in life.

For example, if you are a stay at home mum or a retiree, you may choose the independent contractor option and if you want good medical benefits above everything else, you may choose the full-time, salaried option!

Computer Programming, The Number One (#1) Job / Career Choice

A recent survey states that computer programming is going to be the number one (#1) job in terms of employment postings in 2013.

This means that if anyone is going to hire you for any job … it is most likely to be as a computer programmer.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! and Don’t stand idly by on the sidelines while one of the greatest professional opportunities passes you by!

Computer Programming Experience Is Highly Valued

As a computer programmer, your age can work for you instead of against you because the more experience you have, the higher you can get paid in the computer programming industry.

So, if you are 41 years old and you start learning to be a computer programmer, you will have ten (10) years of experience at the age of 51 which still works in your favor!

Because computer programming languages are constantly updated, your experience in previous / older versions of a language along with experience in the current versions will always stand you in good stead as you can be hired for the old or new versions of the language or even … to work on both the old and new versions of a programming language at the same time!

Learn Programming Already! 

It is never too late to pursue a career that you are passionate about because if you don’t follow your heart’s desires, interests or passion, what else will you do with your time or what then will you do with your life?

If you are going to work for someone … anyone, won’t it be better to do something you are really interested in and that pays well too?

See if you don’t learn programming now … when highly skilled programmers are earning up to six (6) figures and programming is the number (most-in demand job) … what then are you looking for in a career?

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