Non-Traditional Database Careers for Men and Women – Part 1

Non-Traditional Database Careers for Men and Women - Part 1
Non-Traditional Database Careers for Men and Women – Part 1

For several personal or professional reasons, “you may be considering non-traditional database career paths” … jobs that allow you to work with databases in some capacity without the trappings of typical, traditional full-time database developer jobs.

In this article I will answer a question posted by “Kimberly Joy from Montreal, Quebec, Canada”. Kimberly has a QA background and wants to get back into the Information Technology (IT) industry as a part-time database developer.

This article is Part 1 of a series on Non-Traditional career opportunities in the IT Industry.

  • Are Part-Time Database Developer Jobs Available?

    Yes, part-time database developer jobs are available and yes, you can work part-time as a database developer and part-time as a child care professional.

    Having said that, it is not going to be easy to find part-time database developer jobs because traditionally, Information Technology (IT) Jobs are advertised full-time contract or full-time permanent positions.

    So, it is actually harder to find a part-time database job than it is to find a full-time database job even though you will be working for less!

    Ultimately, this is not really a question of whether you can find a part-time database developer job but a question of whether you are willing to work much-harder than the average and also be a more persistent / resourceful job seeker until you find that perfect part-time database position!

  • How Do You Get A Part-Time Database Developer Job?

    1. First, learn / master database design

      You have nothing to worry about until you have taken that first, essential step of learning or mastering relational database design, development and SQL Query Writing.

    2. Next, Start Your Own Blog

      Starting your own blog will create unique networking and marketing opportunities for you and it will also help create relationships with business / technical users who may end up hiring you for your services.

      Blogging will provide you with a platform for talking or interacting with the database developer industry. You may want to read this recommended article on “how blogging will help your career“.

    3. Network on LinkedIn

      Join as many database developer LinkedIn groups as possible, then showcase your expertise by answering database development questions posted by members of your group whenever you can.

    4. Market Your Resume Aggressively

      Apply for as many database developer jobs as possible and when you get a job interview, work hard to impress your interviewers with your personality and your expertise.

      Then negotiate for what you want … in terms of part-time work at the end of the interview, when you actually have a job offer.

      After you are sure that the interviewing organization likes you and will make you a job offer, tell them that you really don’t want to work a full 8-hour day because of (insert your personal / professional reasons) and that you are willing to take a pay cut for part-time work.

    5. Start A Database Consulting Business.

      Start your own database design, development / consulting business because this is one of the best ways to manage the risks / challenges that come with offering part-time services.

      This can help you because consulting services may be a better fit for self-employed professionals who want to manage their own time. Consulting allows you as the boss of your own business, to set your own hours.

These are just some tips that to get you started on the road to a part-time database developer job. But remember that it will not be easy and that it will probably take you some time … but with persistence and hard work, you will; get there!

Your Opinion Is Requested

Tell us whether you’d consider taking a non-traditional job of some kind in the future. Do any of your friends or family members hold jobs like this? If so, how have others reacted to that choice? Are there any jobs that you think should be limited by gender, age, background, college education, nationality? If so, which, and why?

Best Wishes!

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  1. Kimberly Joy   April 20, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    Thanks for this article. I have moved to Los Angeles since asking my question about part time work. I will start to work on the required skills and setup my blog a little differently. Thanks again.


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