12 Reasons Why Blogging Is Good for Your Career

12 Reasons Why Blogging is Good for Your IT Career
12 Reasons Why Blogging is Good for Your IT Career

Facebook status updates and tweets capping at 140 characters seem to be all the rage these days, isn’t it?

However, for an Information Technology (IT) professional like yourself, having an account on Facebook or Twitter is never going to be a replacement for the mother of all social media blogging.

Here are 12 great reasons why blogging is good for your IT career:

  1. Blogging establishes you as an expert in your industry

    One good reason why you should start your own blog is that you have opinions about your work or you find yourself regularly discussing your opinions with your co-workers.

    Therefore, you might as well start a blog because you have something to say. Another good reason why you should start a blog is that blogging will boost your professional profile.

    Blogging is actually easier than you may think. For example, you may furnish free professional advice and / or tutorials on your blog, talk about your recent projects, or talk about the latest tech developments.

    So, start a blog to show that you’re knowledgeable about your field and that you have an above average understanding of your industry.

  2. Blogging lets people know what you are passionate about

    Employers love professionals that are passionate about their work. They know that these folks who will go the extra mile, take on challenges, pull all-nighters if they have to, and do whatever it takes to get things done.

    Passionate employees take pride and a sense of fulfillment they gain from the successful completion of a project.

    Your blog can establish you as one of those driven professional s with a genuine interest in their industry. Employers will see your laboriously written posts as evidence of your interest in the field and above average ability to think creatively and / or handle senior level challenges.

  3. Blogging acts as a dynamic resume

    In the good old days, your resumé needs were met by just one sheet of paper that had your credentials and contact information on it. But these days you need an identity that is as dynamic as you are.

    With blogging, potential employers see who you really are and what you’re all about. It can paint a much more vivid picture of your skills and capabilities.

  4. Blogging helps you gain visibility and stand out from the crowd

    Whether it’s for a background check or a way to get more information on a candidate, employers are increasingly researching potential employees on Google.

    When employers discover that they can read about you and /or talk to you via your blog, they begin to see you as a candidate that is heads above other potential candidates ho do not blog.

  5. Blogging can get your foot in the door

    Because of the nature of the IT field, employers and clients prefer dealing with ‘experts’ as the cost of mistakes can be excruciatingly high.

    Blogging gives you an opportunity to show that you have the requisite knowledge to take on senior tasks in the real world. Employers are likely to prefer an avid professional blogger for interesting / senior level assignments because of their blogs .

  6. Blogging keeps you up to date and in the loop

    The IT profession thrives on cutting edge development and innovation; and to be a good blogger, you must stay abreast of all the new techniques, tools, and practices.

    Blogging is actually an active, fun way to stay on top of the latest developments and at the same prevent your existing knowledge from becoming obsolete.

  7. Blogging can be a revenue source

    Blogging may seem to represent a significant time commitment with no tangible return on the investment. However, it can also double as a revenue stream.

    If you have the ability to write quality posts and market yourself effectively, your blog could generate significant advertising revenue for you.

    You could also blog for e-zines and popular websites in your industry and get paid for it. For instance, Smashing Magazine and the blogs in its network pay developers and user interface designers for contributing blog posts.

    Additionally, your blog posts carry your byline and contact information, and thereby introduce you to clients and employers who can hire you on a consulting / freelance / full-time basis.

  8. Blogging helps you get better at communicating

    The stereotype of technical professionals, like programmers and software testers, not needing good communication skills because of their technical skills is inaccurate.

    While technical professionals get hired because of their hard-skills, they also need to communicate well to advance to senior-level positions.

    Blogging not only makes you a better writer, but it also helps you become better at organizing and expressing your thoughts.

    For a better career in the IT industry, you’ll have to be good at communicating and connecting with other people and blogging can give you the practice you need.

  9. Blogging helps you gain a following you can use to your advantage

    Let’s suppose that after 12 months, your blog receives 2000 unique visitors every month. Now you’re at a job interview and the employer asks why they should choose you over other candidates. This could be your cue to use your following to your advantage.

    For example, you could say that you are in a position to market the employer’s company to thousands of loyal followers. Or brainstorm answers to questions and challenges facing your employers’ business with your community, etc.

    All employers know how powerful positive word of mouth is and they won’t easily pass on a candidate that comes with such leverage.

  10. Blogging helps you connect with other professionals

    If your posts are knowledgeable, helpful and well written, you will attract other professionals who will respect your work. This way, you can create a network of like-minded successful professionals who can help you out in everything from a free tutorial to a job reference!

  11. Blogging can get you employment offers

    As with real-life networking, experts suggests that blogging is incredibly useful when you are already employed because your job gives you credibility, provides you with material to talk about and the opportunity to leverage your employment into bigger and better things.

    However, many bloggers got their first jobs because an employer stumbled on one of their posts and liked it. Similarly, a lot of bloggers quit their day jobs because they started getting sufficient freelance work just from their blogging exposure.

    And there’s always the possibility that an employer from your dream company visits your blog. Just be sure to leave your LinkedIn and contact information nearby!

  12. Blogging lets you give back

    As a professional, you are learning every day and all your experience starts adding up. Soon you’re like a huge reservoir of knowledge that doesn’t find an outlet all the time. Blogging lets you share what you’ve learned with other people in your community.

    And there’s no greater satisfaction in knowing that you’ve helped out and inspired other people in your field.

Concluding words: The time you spend waiting around for an employer to call is better spent at blogging. Start today!

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