Can a 55 year old female become a programmer?

This question was submitted by Anoush from Glendale, California … Hello, I am a 55 years old female, I have done mainframe programming for more than 25 years before and I was very good in that.

However i have left my job for 10 years now helping my husband in accounting firm.

Do I have a chance to be hired if I learn .NET and create a software?

  1. Do What You Love – Do You Love Computer Programming?

    If you love learning programming languages you will put in the hard work that it takes to be the best programmer you can be.

    This will involve putting in long hours to learn a suite of marketable programming languages and then going the extra mile to build practical applications that showcase your passion.

    If you do not love computer programming, you will not succeed long term because you won’t be able to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change in the industry.

    The real issue here is not your age but whether you have the drive, passion and desire that it takes to be a highly skilled computer programmer.

  2. Become The Best Computer Programmer You Can Be

    talent driven industry which means that your chances of getting hired depends more on how skilled you are than it does on anything else.

    If you are a highly skilled, competent, trained or experienced developer and your skills are in marketable, hot, in-demand programming languages like ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server, you will get a good job regardless of any age discrimination in the industry!
  3. Can You Perform? Prove It

    Kids barely out of high school are building websites and starting jobs / businesses as web designers despite their age because nobody really cares about age, when you can perform!

    So if the wisdom it is possible for these young kids to succeed at web design, I dare say that older people have at least an equal opportunity for success.

    The real truth of the matter is that age is just a self-limiting barrier, so don’t let the negative, biased behaviors of others dictate what you can or cannot do!

  4. Success Principle – Do Not Worry Or Focus On Things You Can’t Control

    In “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen Covey mentions that proactive people do not worry or focus on factors or things over which they have little or no control … instead they focus on their “Sphere Of Influence” … those factors or circumstances over which they exercise control!

    So, the deal is “why focus on your age?”, when you can do nothing about it?

    Why not focus on things like your skills, your learning, your attitude over which you have complete control!

  5. Multiple Career Paths For Computer Programmers

    As a computer programmer, you also have the option of starting your own web design or web development business or freelancing for multiple clients.

    This is perhaps one of the best ways to control your destiny or deal with age discrimination concerns once and for all!

    AS a freelance computer programmer, you can work for work online for clients that are located all over the world or network using LinkedIn for potential clients.

    As a freelance computer programmer, your age is even less of an issue because potential clients can try your services with little risk and then hire you on for a longer term commitment, if they find you competent.

Computer programming is a talent driven, performance minded industry where you can succeed at a freelance, contract or full-time software developer job as long as you have a passion or drive for programming.

My final advice: don’t let the negative bias of others decide what you will or will not do with your life.

This post was submitted by ana.

2 Responses to "Can a 55 year old female become a programmer?"

  1. Cheryl Smith (Birmingham, Alabama)   December 11, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    I have a BS in MIS and an MBA with MIS concentration but no practical database developer/programmer experience.

    Am I too old to start a career in this field?

    I am 40.

    • ITCareerCoach   December 11, 2011 at 3:12 pm

      Hey, you are not too old to start a career in computer programming or database development just because you are 40 years or more.

      You are fortunate in one respect: unlike some professional careers, the most important requirement for a job in the Information Technology (IT) Industry is your skill sets.

      In other words, the sharper your skills are, the less and less important important your age will be to employers.

      So, instead of worrying about “how old you are”, focus your attention and energy on becoming a highly skilled database developer or computer programmer.

      Besides, there is nothing you can do about your age … there is nothing anyone can actually do about their age … because we are all getting older.

      However, you do have complete control over how skilled you are.

      So, go ahead and work on becoming the best database developer you can be.

      Best Wishes


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