Is Business Analysis A Good Fit For My Personality Type?

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Is Business Analysis For Me?

Is Business Analysis For Me?

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In This post, I will answer questions on business analysis and software developer careers. Here is the first question:

Is Business Analysis A Good Fit For a Programmer With An ENFP Personality Type?

This question was submitted by Brenna (a computer programmer from South Africa), whose personality type on the Myers Briggs Personality Test is: ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving).

Brenna codes with Cobol, Java, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Flash and is burnt out of coding!

Brenna, has not been able to keep up with programming and wants some direction on what she should do with her life.

I am recommending that Brenna considers becoming a business analyst for the following reasons:

  1. She has good verbal and written communication skills. You can see dome evidence in how detailed, structured and clear her writing is

  2. She is project oriented instead of detail and routine oriented as you will find with programmers. ENFPs also tend to be project oriented instead of detail oriented.

  3. She has not been able to keep up with her computer programming career because she lacks a passion for the industry and also because she is not going about it the right away..

Click here to read Brenna’s post and my reply to the question: “What Is The Future Of ENFP Personality Type In Computer Programming”

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