In The Software Developer Industry, Experience Is King!

Hands-on Experience Is The Key To Landing Good Jobs!
Hands-on Experience Is The Key To Landing Good Jobs!

Once a computer programmer with marketable programming skills gains handson experience by building real-world, practical applications, he or she is virtually guaranteed not just any type of job … but a portable, marketable, high-paying professional career as a software developer!!

Why? Because in the software development industry, Experience is King!.

Real world, hands on, practical, computer programming experience is valued more than computer programming certifications or even computer science diplomas or college degrees!

With that in mind, a promotion that allows you to enroll in our 2012 Software Developer Internship Program ($1000) + SQL Boot Camp Online Training ($499) + Software Developer Boot Camp Online Training ($1000) for only $1125 Ends Today!

How Do You Get A Software Developer Internship?

This is how you can land yourself a Software Developer Internship opportunity:

  1. Start by learning marketable programming skills:

    Internships opportunities go to those with marketable computer programming skills.

    So, if your programming skills are out of alignment with the business needs of employers, you are out of luck.

    Demonstrate a high level of commitment to your career by learning how to program first before looking for how to get paid.

    Software Developer Internships are hard for those who want to be paid first before they learn how to code, get it?

  2. Next, build practical, real-world software applications:

    Internship opportunities do not go to those who have not first taken the time to learn or master a programming language.

    In other words, internships are for putting the knowledge and skills that you’ve acquired to work and not for learning how to code!

  3. Finally, get yourself a good programming job:

    Software developers who first take the time to learn valuable programming skills and then build a portfolio of web / software applications will get a job because they have fulfilled the major requirements for getting hired!

The demand for skilled computer programmers far outstrips the supply of skilled talent available.

The demand is so high that you are virtually guaranteed a good job when you fulfill the requirements I just mentioned.

A software development internship will help you land a good programming job, keeping in mind a few things:

  1. The purpose of a software development internship is to provide you with guidance, mentoring, coaching or feedback as you build real-world, practical software applications, products or services.

  2. Though software developer internships are helpful for landing good jobs, they are still very competitive or hard to get.

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Announcing the Software Developer Internship Program

With all this in mind, we are announcing our Software Developer Internship program for 2012:

  1. Computer programmers: who want to build hands-on software development experience in marketable computer programming skills.
  2. Web developers: who want to be mentored, coached, guided or advised on how to build practical, real-world software applications.
  3. Information Technology (IT) professionals: who want to build a portfolio of database driven web-based applications from beginning to end..

Enrolling in the software developer internship program means that you work on projects like:

  • Building Database Driven Websites using ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server.
  • Developing font-end, user-driven websites using HTML, CSS, JQuery and Javascript.
  • Hosting websites on .NET Framework (ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server and Windows).

Special Pricing Discount – Enrollment Starts Now!

The Software Developer Internship Program is an exclusive program that is designed for computer programmers who want to develop hands-on experience by building practical, real-world applications.

The special pricing for the Software Developer Internship program is set at $1000 for a limited time!

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