Is Learning Sql Online So Hard?

Is Learning Sql Online So Hard?
Is Learning Sql Online So Hard?

Learning new Information Technology (IT) skills is typically thought of as painful because the Study Textbooks used in the Information Technology (IT) industry are usually written by geeks for a geeky, hard-core, technical audience.

This is why one of the challenges facing professionals today is how to overcome the difficulty, complexity or high learning curves typically associated with learning new Information Technology (IT) skills.

Keeping in mind that Sql or Database skills are useful in any industry including financial, insurance, banking or information technology sectors, wouldn’t it be really helpful if learning Sql or databases was made easy?

Sql Boot Camp is the interactive online training course for SQL beginners, advanced database professionals or managers who want a better or more productive online sql learning environment.

Sql Boot Camps Online Training Courses makes learning SQL Query Writing better and easier and here is why:

Are your Sql Courses for Beginners or Advanced Practitioners?

Our Online Sql Courses cover what you need to know about database design, database development, beginner to advanced SQL query writing.

You do not need previous knowledge of Sql or Databases before you enroll in our Sql Courses because you will be taught the concepts in a step-by-step, easy to understand,beginner to advanced level fashion.

The Sql Courses managed by our online learning management environment (LMS) are presented in such a way that you only learn an advanced-level course after you are taught and tested on the fundamentals of the preceding Sql Courses.

For example, you won’t get to learn subqueries until you have learnt the basics of INNER JOINS / OUTER JOINS and other SQL fundamentals.

And you won’t be tasked with developing a database until you have mastered relational database principles like Normalization, Referential Integrity or Entities.

How Do You Teach Your Online Sql Courses?

However, we teach our Sql Courses using Videos and not textbooks.

Videos are definitely easier to understand keeping in mind that Information Technology (IT) textbooks are typically hard to understand or follow.

After each video lesson is completed, your video is placed in your own private reference libraryso that you can watch it as often as you want on any day.

Another advantage that watching videos has over reading textbooks is that concepts like Sql Query Writing or Database Development can be demonstrated more easily in Video format than by reading about them from a textbook.

So, even if you are watching one of our more advanced Sql Courses and you realize that you have forgotten some of the preceding lessons, you can easily visit your reference library and watch those videos again!

How Do I Learn Sql More Easily or Better?

Our online SQL Courses are designed for working professionals who want a better, faster or easier way of learning SQL Query Writing or Database Development.

Repetition in training is the key to skill mastery.

To master any new skill you need to repeat the same set of tasks multiple times or in different ways, each time testing the underlying concepts, until it sinks in and becomes second nature … and that is exactly what our Sql Courses will do for you!

Lets take a Sql Course like Normalization and work through how you will learn it faster or better.

First, you will be presented with a Database Video on Normalization. You can discuss any concepts after watching the Videos privately with your Course Instructor or publicly with your discussion Database study group members.

Next you may be asked to work on a Handson Database Normalization project based on the principles taught on the Sql Videos.

After you submit your project back to your course instructor using the Assignments tab of the Learning Management System (LMS), you may get additional feedback on the correctness or comprehensiveness of your normalization practices or move on to the next lesson which may be a Practice Test or Quiz on the concepts you learned on the Videos.

You may even receive multiple Sql Videos, practice tests, quizzes or projects for a single Sql topic like Normalization.

Presenting Sql Courses using repetition helps you learn from different angles until you make the internal connections required for comprehension or skill mastery.

Research has shown that practice tests help you to learn new concepts better or more easily.

So, when we present a Sql video course, we also include practice tests that show you the correct answers.

As you review the concepts, you will be given the opportunity to repeat each quiz as many times as you want or until you really understand that topic!

Finally, we also teach our Sql Courses using practical handson-assignments that improve your ability to perform on the job.

Not only do we use Videos and then Quizzes to improve your understanding, we actually give you projects that build on everything that you have learnt so that you actually get it!

There is probably nothing that beats the combination of handson projects, practice tests and Sql videos when it comes to learning Sql online, OK?

Do You Want An Interactive, Advanced Online SQL Training Course?

One of the key distinguishing features of our Sql Courses is the availability of private coaching.

Say that you watch a Sql video on normalization, take all the quizzes and work on the handson assignments and you still don’t get it (which is not likely), you can actually post a private message for your course instructor, who will be able to correspond or walk you through that same material.

This experience is like that of having a private Sql coach and a Sql trainer in one and the same course!

This feature can come in handy when you want to discuss the applications of our Sql Courses to challenges you are facing in your organization without making those details public.

For example, you may be designing a database with a lot of complex relationships (like what obtains with healthcare databases), you may post a question about applying referential integrity rules to our public discussion forums for other like minded database professionals to discuss or post your challenges on your private discussion forum for your course instructor only!

Keeping in mind, that the billing rate of a database professional is anywhere from $50/hr. to $75/hr.

The value in this private coaching feature alone can pay for your investment in your Sql course!

How Relevant Is My Online Sql Course To Learning Oracle, Sql Server or Microsoft Access?

Our Sql Courses are based on Sql Server and it will work for you regardless of your version of Sql Server.

  1. If you have a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, you will be given access to a free, fully functional version of SQL Server on your own computer.

  2. If you are on a MAC or you cannot afford to buy a Windows Computer, you will be given access to a web-based, private SQL Server database installation.

  3. You will also be taught database design from scratch and because of that, you will learn how to design relational databases independent of any vendor or database environment.

Sql Boot Camp is taught using SQL Server because it offers all the relational database features that are in the Microsoft Access database and in-addition, it also offers you the ability to manage your data more reliably and with a higher guaranteed level of performance.

SQL Server is also a professional, enterprise grade database that affords you the ability to write advanced SQL Queries or design databases that support any level of complexity.

Finally Sql Server is unusual as an enterprise grade database because it offers a lower learning curve which means that you will learn an enterprise database in less time or put your skills to work more easily.

Click here to read my review of Learning Enterprise Database Platforms

What Will Learning Sql Do For Your Career?

Here are few of the reasons why you may want to consider learning Sql or Databases.

  1. Learning Sql gives you one authentic, recognized, popular enterprise software that you put on your resume.
  2. Learning Sql gives you mastery over one database which is relevant to any Information Technology (IT) careers including business analysts, computer programmers, project managers, financial analysts.
  3. Mastering a database provides you with the ability to query databases directly without depending on third party departments, vendors or other professionals.
  4. Learning a database opens the door to working with other database management systems including Oracle, Microsoft Access, MySQL, IBM DB2, etc.
  5. Learning Sql Databases gives you a skill that can help you get your foot in through the door of the Information Technology Industry.
  6. Mastering Sql makes you more productive on the job because you will be able to recognize or solve Sql / Database problems quicker, better and more easily or before they bog down your system.

Do you want to learn or master a database regarded by the Information Technology (IT) Industry as enterprise, high-performing, reliable and scalable? If you answered yes, click here to sign-up for Sql Boot Camp

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    How to learn sql queries quickly or in less than 4 months?

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      Are you wanting to learn SQL by yourself or enroll in a training / coaching program?

      Are you comfortable enough to learn SQL by yourself without any external help or do you need some guidance or assistance along the way?

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    What is the training cost for SQL?


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