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There is a lot of good career advice on this blog. This advice is for all you good people that have been so kind as to listen to me.

I am always interested in hearing from you, especially after you put my advice to work.

Today's post is just a reminder to put my advice to work because it works.

Here is an email from a reader who got a JOB by doing what I say:

Hi, I kept reading your articles about the IT career to choose.

I was doing Field Service Engineering (Desktop support) and since when I was in school I have always in love with programming.

While I worked, I studied Intro to Java and Advanced J2ee and my wishful java career open right in front of my eyes.

I wanted to evolve from support to development so, I kept reading on how developers are getting paid and what to do to get your first java job without an industrial experience.

A company was looking for java devs and I applied and bam! in my face, my second interview for the java developer and I did my best during my interview and their assessment and got the JOB.

Thankx alot guys, I appreciate your work and your coaching is too valuable ...

It's Not What You Know It's What You Do

Dear Friend,

When you read my article, take your pen and paper and jot down either things that you will do differently or questions that you want to ask me based on the information I'm given you.

Remember that reading all this precious advice is not enough. You've got to put it into practice and REAP the benefits in your career!

Thanks again for hanging out on my website, reading my blog posts daily and using my advice :-)

I appreciate you


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