Which Courses or Certifications Guarantee A Job?

Which Certifications Or Courses Guarantee Jobs?
Which Certifications Or Courses Guarantee Jobs?

This question is frequently asked by job candidates searching for certifications or training courses they can put on their resume, present to an employer and get a job.

However, the answer to the question: which online courses, certifications, college degrees or classroom courses guarantee a job is NONE!

This type of question is seriously flawed because it assumes that there is something out therea college degree or online course or certification program, that you can put on your resume and hired fast!

But what really guarantees you a job is the depth of your handson experience, skills and knowledge or your ability to convey, present or market your career competency in a job interview.

Yet many job candidates read a job posting and then immediately say to themselves: “regardless of the requirements for this job, who or what can endorse me?”

Instead of addressing the gaps between the job posting and their “skills, knowledge or experience”, they try to short-circuit the employment process with the rubber stamping of a course or certificate!

Listen, don’t try to game the employment system. The only way you can guarantee yourself a job is by giving employers what they want … which is typically stated in your plain view on the job posting!

Dear Friend,

Start your job search by first placing yourself in the employers shoes and not with pre-conceived, mis-leading or half-baked ideas on how the job market works!

In this post, I will help you understand how the job market works because this knowledge will keep you employable for years regardless of your chosen profession.


The first and most important question that you have to answer before you begin a job search is the question: “What Are Employers Hiring For?

At a minimum, 80% of the jobs out there have these basic requirements:

  1. Knowledge Requirement – the comprehension or understanding of the practical facts needed to get the job done.

    This knowledge may be gained from an online class, traditional classroom course, coaching, mentoring or self-study program.

    Employers don’t care how you get the knowledge … they just want to be assured that you have it!

  2. Skills Requirement – the ability to recall knowledge and apply the right solutions to problems.

    Skill is developed by rehearsing the answers or solutions to common problems using practice tests, quizzes or certification programs or by repeatedly solving a problem on the job.

    Most employers will probe your skill-level at the job interview regardless of what you claim on the resume.

  3. Handson Experience Requirement – the quality of exposure to real-world projects where your skills and knowledge are used to solve practical problems.

    Note that handson experience is not given by certification programs.

    Handson experience is developed over time by performing the roles, responsibilities or duties associated with your career.

  4. Personality Match Requirement – employers want you to have the right personality for a job and the right personality for their corporate or organizational structure.

    You may be a well-qualified job candidate and still fail at a job interview because the hiring manager perceives a clash or mis-match between your personality and the company culture!

  5. Marketability Requirement – the probability that you will get a job is also dependent on the demand for your skills.

    If you want additional guarantees that you will be hired … pay attention to the job outlook for your career!

    The less your skills are in-demand, the more aggressive you must be with your job search and the more your skills are in demand, the more you are guaranteed a job.

Now, let’s review the responsible actions you may take to guarantee yourself a job.


Learn everything you can about your career or job using self-study, coaching, mentoring or training programs.

Don’t make up educational requirements thinking that it will move your employer to hire you.

Employers care less about your endorsement from an educational institution but they care most about the relevancy of your knowledge, training or education to their job!


Your skills measure how practiced you are at solving problems or your competency.

Skills are developed by taking lots of practice tests or by repeating quizzes until you can answer questions or solve problems without thinking.

Expect an employer to test your skills by asking open-ended questions at a job interview …. which you have to answer promptly, comprehensively and confidently.


You can only develop handson experience by working on real-world problems.

So, the more tasks, duties, roles, responsibilities, assignments or projects you take on … the more experienced you become.

Be creative and find ways to get experience even without a job because your getting hired depends on it!


Employers want you to have the right personality for a career and also for their corporate culture.

Here are a few personality mis-match situations for your consideration:

Computer programmers are expected to be more geeky than business analysts and project managers are expected to be more assertive than either software developers or business analysts.

If you’re an introvert or shy of developing relationships or weak at verbal communications, you may fail at convincing hiring managers that you are good fit for their business analyst or project management jobs!


Do not abandon these FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF HIRING for endorsements of any kind because that would be like chasing your own shadow!

With all this in mind, here is how our online courses, coaching, training programs or step-by-step bootcamps will help you:

  1. Knowledge – You may get the knowledge needed to do your job through our online video training or coaching courses.
  2. Skills – You can use our quizzes or practice tests to boost your skills or even ace certification examinations.
  3. Experience – You can use our in-built, handson assignments or coaching advice to jumpstart the experience needed for your career.

This how we (IT Career Coach) help … by aligning you with the requirements of your career or job.

2 Responses to "Which Courses or Certifications Guarantee A Job?"

  1. Anthony   February 13, 2011 at 8:30 am

    Dear Sir,

    Please I am writing you from london because your explanation regarding what employers want sounds so correct. One can not get that from any certification.

    I have got required certification after studying the discipline on my own.

    What I need however is hands on experience, life projects and tasks that will eneble me to sound convincing at the next interview.

    Your bootcamp is promising that but is it really so? Moreover, the price tag is still hefty even though you tried to portay the opposite.

    If you don’t have a $1.00 in your pocket and you are being asked to pay $1000.00 for a course, you will realize what I mean.

    Why is it that you don’t provide taster life projects(assignments) at no cost to people.

    Could you do such a thing and the people will pay when they start working?

    What goes around comes around you know. I have not been earning money for some time now and just need to change that situation.

    Think about it and let me know what you make of the suggestion, bye

    Best regards

    • IT Career Coach   February 13, 2011 at 3:12 pm


      I appreciate your interest in our business analyst boot camp and I do want you to keep company with us.

      I would like to help you because I understand where you are coming from. A number of my readers are in a situation similar to yours and what I have done is to put together my thoughts on how to deal with unemployment and earn an income while looking for a full-time job.

      Anthony, there is a saying that goes like: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

      In accordance with that saying, I want to share an e-book or free report titled “The Survivors Guide to Overcoming Unemployment”.
      You can read or download the e-book here: http://www.it-career-coach.net/2011/02/13/the-survivors-guide-to-overcoming-unemployment/

      You don’t have to buy the report, it is free and it contains a blueprint or plan for resolving your situation.

      Please read the information, act on it and post any questions, concerns or feedback on the things that I laid out here: http://www.it-career-coach.net/2011/02/13/the-survivors-guide-to-overcoming-unemployment/

      And I will be glad to answer them for you … do we have a deal?


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