The Most Important Thing on Your Resume

The Most Important Thing On Your Resume Is What?
The Most Important Thing On Your Resume Is What?

There are several things on a resume that can help get you hired. These include your educational qualifications, certifications, training, the college or institutions which you attended, skill level and your hansdon experience.

But regardless of whether you are a business analyst, computer programmer, project manager, data analyst, report writer or network administrator, the singular, most important thing on your resume or career is your handson experience!

Handson Experience Builds your Career

Handson experience matters because it is the only credible, impartial evaluation of the work that you are doing and here is why:

When you work on a practical problem, you get all sorts of feedback about your progress and about how you are doing. For example:

  • Fast vs. Slow Completion: If you complete the work quickly, easily or fast you feel good about the work and others realize that you are skilled at what you do.

  • Fun vs. Boring Job: If you do a job and you realize that you like it, you want to do the job again.

    On the other hand, a college education does not imply that you are suited for a career … you actually have to get a job to get that information.

    There are lots of college graduates who discover to their dismay that they absolutely hate the career that they studied in college!

    On the other hand, your performance on the job is an impartial, real-world evaluation of your suitability for a job or career.

  • Good vs. Poor Work: There is perhaps no better indication of your suitability for a job as the quality of your work.

    For example, having a Phd. in computer programming does not guarantee that you will build a better web application than someone without and having an MBA does not mean that you will be a better business analyst than someone without.

    In other words, there is no substitute for the quality of your work .. either you are good at what you do or you are not!

Handson Experience Builds your Skill

One of the best ways to remember all the common and important instructions which are essential for your job is to practice them over and over again.

With constant practice or repetition you’ll be able to recall the next steps at any time. Even in a critical situation you’ll be able to resolve issues quickly without having to consult books or the internet.

And one of the traits most valued by employers is the ability to recall solutions to pressing problems from memory, take control or fix problems and act with the confidence that comes from dealing with similar issues!

Handson Experience Defines your Resume

When employers post a job, the singular most important thing that they scan your resume for is your handson experience.

What employers do, is that they simply take an inventory of the types of tasks you will be hired to do and then scan your resume for evidence supporting that you have done that type of work before.

Some employers are so vested in this mindset that they will not hire you for a job if you are not currently working on a similar job.

However, most employers will hire you if you have strong handson experience especially when that is comparable to the job that they want to fill!

While reviewing your resume, employers are primarily concerned about the quality of your experience and they would scrutinize your resume for the following information:

  • Who you’ve worked for – employers want to know if you’ve worked in similar jobs or for similar companies or in the same industry
  • How long you’ve worked on various projects – employers want to know whether your experience is sketchy or detailed or recent

So your experience is the most important thing on your resume and if you want to be successful, you had better be working on improving your handson experience daily.

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