Why Sales / Marketing Graduates Can’t Find Jobs After College?

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I get a number of questions along the lines of how to get a marketing and sales job after college from new college graduates who have a degree in marketing or sales and yet find it hard to get hired based on their college degree!

Why sales & marketing graduates can’t get jobs

Traditional Marketing and Sales Jobs expects skills in prospecting, cold calling, appointment setting, in-bound / out-bound sales, presentation and closing skills.

Traditionally, a sales or marketing professional would have to qualify a prospect for their ability to buy a product.

Then the marketer will have to prepare a list of companies and the key decision makers that need to be cold called on a daily basis.

The marketer will often call early in the morning or late in the day when they expect to get through the gate keepers, reach the decision maker and set an appointment for a face to face presentation.

Through a series of meetings and face to face presentations, they expect to move through a list of objections and then get the buy-in of the copoany or executive that they are selling to.

Finally, they need to be good at closing the sales and then they may have to work with the implementation team or Account Managers to make sure that the client is still happy after the sale.

But that is what traditional sales and marketing jobs used to be. Now, there is a whole new paradigm known as selling on the web and traditional sales and marketing skills tend to be less and less important.

That is why a lot of marketing and sales graduates end up not being able to get a job because they don’t have the new skills of selling on the web or internet.

Selling on the web or internet requires a different set of skills including


#1: Running a Blog using WordPress or Posterous or any of the other popular blog hosting platforms

#2: Blogging about your products or services

#3: Building a community using Social Media

If you can get these skills, add them to your resume and show them to potential employers, you will be well on your way to getting a marketing and sales job!

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