Why Tech Jobs Are Better For You

Tech Jobs Are Better For You
Tech Jobs Are Better For You!

I get questions all the time about the suitability of technology careers for those who’ve never worked a tech job.

I understand those asking are anxious about their future.

However, making a career change to Information Technology is in many cases a better financial investment than taking on debt to buy a house or go to college!

If you are one of those, here are some of the best reasons why changing jobs to Information Technology (IT) is a sound financial decision.

  • Technology Shapes Our Future

    Technology is the currency of our civilization now and in future.

    Those that work with technology will be the ones initiating or driving our society / civilization forward.

    Those that don’t will be the ones left behind … and there is no sitting on the fence because you are either in or out!

  • No Glass Ceiling

    You can grow or succeed in an Information Technology (IT) job regardless of your age, sex or ethnicity or educational background.

    The IT Industry employs professionals with diverse backgrounds (sciences, liberal arts, etc.) and there are no set limitations that will make it impossible for you to rise to the top or disqualify you for a good IT Job!

    If you want to be the master of your own destiny, get an IT job!

  • Tech Jobs Are IN Demand

    Technology workers are employed in every industry (legal, healthcare, finance, insurance, tourism, etc) instead of being pigeon holed in one industry.

    Tech jobs are in-demand now even though people say that jobs are scarce in other sectors of the economy.

    Our economic growth depends on the pace of technological change so working a tech job puts you where the economy needs you the most!

  • Low Barrier To Entry

    You can transition into a tech job without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars in expensive education or re-training … quite unlike other professional, high-paying careers.

  • Lower Learning Curve

    You can transition into an IT job without first having to invest years in a lengthy or expensive certification program.

    This is quite unlike what obtains with careers in healthcare or the legal sector (for example) … where you are legally restricted from working as a professional until you pass specific certification exams!

  • No Certifications Required!

    You can get an IT Job without first getting some sort of certification or credential because the tech sector is a credentialess industry.

    Your only valid credentials are your resume, handson experience, job interviewing skills and your reputation in the industry.

  • Tech Skills Are Portable

    Tech Jobs offer you the maximum portability for your working life.

    You may start out as a business analyst and switch to a project management role or vice versa.

    The portability of Information Technology skills means that you don’t have to be trapped behind a job that you hate, just because you made some wrong choices eariler in your career.

    This means that you can easily retrain yourself, migrate to another branch of the IT Industry and take advantage of new financial opportunities.

  • If you know what you’re doing … it may not even take you a long time to advance your career, become highly skilled and start earning a higher pay because you’ve moved upwards in the industry.

    And you can even make career advances that may take decades to achieve in other sectors of the economy within a few of years of starting your tech career.

The Information Technology (IT) sector of employment is a gold mine for many professionals because tech workers can re-train or learn new IT skills from the comfort of their home or office and then get high-paying jobs or move up in their carees because of the high-demand for their technology skills.

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