Don’t Worry Get Married: How to Cope With An Ever Increasing Workload!

don't worry get married
don't worry get married

This post is written for professionals looking for ways to cope with conflicting or demanding work and life commitments.

How to cope with an ever increasing workload? Tech workers are under increasing pressure to get more work done during office hours, vacation time, weekend time or even away from the office at home.

How to keep up with the demands of our careers? And IT professionals are worrying about how they can learn new technologies or sharpen their current skills because of the constantly changing face of technology.

So, we are going to address the increasing pressure on IT workers to get more work done in less time or keep up with the fast pace of market and technological change.

Let me tell you a story

In January, one of the business analysts attending our training from the United Kingdom, (UK) asked us for help on how to deal with a conflicting personal situation.

You see, she had enrolled in the Business Analyst Boot Camp, a few weeks earlier but was now in a dilemma that proved to be an eye opener for us.

A few weeks earlier, when she started the training, she knew exactly what she was going to do with her life. She was going to attend our business analyst training, pay serious attention to her studies and carry on with her work or professional duties.

But as we’ve all experienced at one point or the other, life happened to her and she fell in love and decided to get married!

So, this was her dilemna, “how to get married in January, take time off for her wedding and at the same time avoid disrupting her business analyst training schedule!“.

Here is the good news: in-addition to getting married, our priceless scheduling & time management feature built into our learning management / training system (LMS) allowed her to achieve a work-life goal without adding to the stress of her hectic wedding preparation.

How We Can Help You Achieve Work or Life Balance More Easily

You can manage or schedule the demands of your workplace, life or personal commitments using the scheduling or life-management features built into our learning software.

  • What happens if you miss a lesson?

    When you’re assigned a practice test, assignment or video training and you don’t complete it for any reason including work or life scheduling conflicts, you will start receiving late reminders.

    However, these late reminders are sent without any penalties because our learning system will keep your course active and waiting for as long as it takes you to get back on track!

  • What happens if you are unavailable?

    Assuming that you will be unavailable for a longer period of time or you simply don’t want to get late e-mail reminders, simply PAUSE the training from your learning software with no penalty.

    What this really means is that you may RESUME or PAUSE your training at-will and the learning management software will keep a track of what you’re working on now or what you’ll be learning next!

Every part of our training is designed for professionals living in the real-world. We understand that dealing with life or work scheduling pressures is important to you, so we’ve provided you with tools that allow you to take control of your schedule.

A Recap Of How To Cope With Life Or Work Scheduling Conflict

  1. You may take your training during office hours or at home or from any location that fits your schedule as long as you have a computer and a high-speed connection.

  2. You may submit your late assignments or watch your training videos at any time of the day or late … after they are due. There is no penalty for late assignments.

  3. You may PAUSE or RESUME your training because you’re going to be unavailable for longer periods of time This feature may also be used by you at-will.

  4. You can complete the training on time or late. There is no pressure from us or system constraint that forces you to get out of the training after a certain number of weeks or days.

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