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The Entry Level Requirements For Database Jobs
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This post answers a question submitted to [Ask IT Career Coach], a Career Advice Column that offers practical answers, help or solutions for your most challenging career situations.

What Are The Entry Level Requirements For Database Professional Jobs?

A reader from Rockville, Maryland wants to become a database professional and is concerned about age-based preferences, discrimination, educational qualifications and entry level hiring requirements for database professional jobs!

What is your opinion regarding online it degrees? More specifically, Master's degrees in database technology?

Eons of time ago, I took a bunch of Y2K programming courses in college (Assembler, COBOL, PL/1 and the like) and almost became a computer programmer.

As life has it, I pursued a different career. Now towards the twilight of a profession that is in decline, I reconsider working in IT again.

My degrees are in Psychology, not computer science, but I am considering an online master's degree in database technology as an efficient way into a field with growth prospects.

My principal concern is regarding employers: 1) with multiple non-computer degrees in Psychology combined with a Master's degree in an IT field be seen as competitive against computer science graduates?

2) Is there a preference for younger, college graduates in entry level jobs rather than 2nd career baby boomers?

What Are Employers Looking For In Entry-Level Database Jobs?

Educational Requirements for Entry-Level Database Jobs

The question is: "how do non-IT degrees compare to computer science degrees"?

My answer is that the primary concern of employers is not your number of IT degrees or non IT degrees but your practical ability to work with databases.

In other words, you are asking the wrong question because getting more database degrees does not satisfy employers. What satisfies hiring managers is practical database development or management skills.

Practical database development or management is not the core focus of computer science or information technology colleges. Because these institutions focus on teaching the abstract science or passing on the theoretical knowledge.

However employers are not hiring for theoretical knowledge because that is mostly relevant in the academic world!

What employers are hiring for is extensive hands-on practical skills and experience in modern database management software including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server or Microsoft Access.

Age-based Requirements for Entry Level Database Jobs

Your age can only stop you from getting hired if you are incompetent at what you do!

If you are just average, you will get a job regardless of your age. If you have excellent skills or hands-on experience, you will be able to market yourself at a high billing rate regardless of your age!

Besides, focusing on your age is a sure way to waste your time or energy because there is nothing that you can do about your age!

However, there is a lot that you can do about your skills or your level of competence and that should always be your primary focus!

Just so you know, the Information Technology (IT) Industry is a talent driven, performance hungry, skills intensive field.

In other words, your only concern should be to keep your skills relevant, sharp or marketable.

Just do these things and you will always be employable in the database or technology world!

Database Professionals Career Advice Column

In this post, I answered the question of what employers are looking for in entry-level database professional jobs.

If you have any question about this, be sure to post it as a comment on this page and I would answer it for you.


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I have a burning desire to work with a Telecom company in the database department.
I have a good knowledge of programming with .NET entity framework,Microsoft SQL 2008 database and good reporting skills with CR 11.
what are the various courses and skills I need to help me secure a job in such organization.
I will really appreciate it if I can get a reply to my questions as soon as possible.
I am a Master of computer application graduate. I am graduated in the year of 2008. I had been working as a freelance video editor for past 2 years. Now I like to get into the IT field. I zeroed with DBA job will be suitable for me. So I decided to join System and Database Administrator in oracle 10g course in oralce knowledge center for certification. Whether is it worth to do a course in DBA or just study by myself? What scope will I get from this position? Is it a worth for an entry level in DBA in indian companies? What kind of preparation or requirement will be expect from the fresh Oracle 10g DBA?
I expect your valuable suggestion. Thank you.