How To Handle Recruiter’s Phone Calls?

How To Handle Recruiters Phone Calls
How To Handle Recruiters Phone Calls

Recruiters are the gatekeepers for business analyst jobs.

They are in touch with more employers, consulting or full-time engagements than most business analysts.

This post answers the question of how to handle or deal with recruiters calling about business analyst jobs.

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Here is a question posted by a business analyst on how to deal with recruiters

I have received some phone calls from recruiters recently about BA jobs.

We talk about the description, and then my experience.

At the end of the call, they always promise to call back.

They most likely never do. When I try to follow up, they most often do not reciprocate.

Is this typical

Or is the a better way for me to handle these calls

How To Handle Phone Calls From Recruiters

Handling recruiters successfully depends on your ability to put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes or negotiate from a point of strength.

Here are some tips on how you can do just that!

  1. Put Yourself In The Recruiter’s Shoes

    Recruiters are primarily out to help their bottom line.

    With that in mind, your conversations with recruiters must prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you are qualified for the job.

    This means that you are not trying to convince, beg or plead for a job but that you come across as a skilled, experienced or knowledgeable business analyst with a pleasing personality.

  2. Tailor Your Conversation To The Job Description

    Recruiters generally have a light grasp of technology.

    Which means that they may not be as familiar with the requirements listed in the job description as you may think.

    So, make it easy on recruiters and present your skills, experience or background in the light of the job description at hand.

    For example, if a job description is posted for a business analyst with business use cases skills and you present your skills as system use cases, you may be passed.

    So, make sure that your skills, background or experience cover the specific requirements mentioned in the job description.

  3. Grab The Recruiter’s Attention

    Get your act together before getting on the phone with the recruiter.

    While on the phone, take charge of the conversation and grab the recruiter’s attention within the first few minutes of the conversation.

    All things being equal, recruiters tend to feed off your energy level.

    So, if you sound positive and upbeat, they will conclude that they want to do business with you.

    If you sound unsure of yourself, they are likely to conclude that you are hiding something or that you are not as good as you need to be!

    The best preparation is to rehearse your opening statements or polish your presentation before getting on the phone with the recruiter.

  4. Looking for a Job? Stay Busy!

    Don’t sound like you are just staying at home waiting for a job, even though that may be the truth.

    Talk about how busy you are and how you are lining up interviews because recruiters are wired to follow the herd.

    In other words, if you sound like you are busy taking interviews and lining up jobs, they will scramble to represent you as well.

    But if on the other hand, you sound like you are having difficulty finding interviews, they will shy away from you too!

    Recruiters behave like this because they reason that if their colleagues are not going after you, then either you are not qualified or not a good match for the job.

I hope that these tips will help you represent yourself better to recruiters.

One of the well-kept secrets of working with recruiters is that they prefer polished, professional presentations from candidates who seem to know what they are doing even.

This is because recruiters often cannot distinguish an experienced, skilled or knowledgeable candidate from another business analyst who is less skilled.

So, plan, prepare and present your skills in the best light possible and you will win their hearts and souls 🙂

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