NFL Stifling Social Media?

NFL Muzzles Social Media
NFL Muzzles Social Media

Are NFL players walking a fine line between branding and revealing too much? According to Jack Bechta (NFL Agent) the answer is yes.

In an interesting post by Jack on how the NFL is handling Social Media for its players, even though more professional athletes are tweeting and sharing their every move via the electronic highway, it comes with risk because coaches and GMs hate it!

Jack says that at least one team has grown so irritated and tired of their top players’ social efforts that they decided to clean house.

This team responded to their players social media efforts by parting ways with three players and is planning on severing ties with more!

The management’s take on social media is that players should focus 100 percent of their efforts on winning and not be distracted by building their own personal brand.

As an NFL agent, Jack advises his clients to keep a low social media profile until they establish their career or prove their value in the league.

After players establishes their value or prove their worth, Jack says that they can then start building their brand by leveraging their NFL status or segue into other careers. Click here to read Jack’s story on the NFL and Social Media

What Is Your Social Media Strategy?

The NFL is perhaps not the only employer that is monitoring or controlling it’s employees Social Media efforts.

There are several stories of employees getting fired for saying too much about their boss on Facebook or Twitter.

However there are also success storuies of job seekers finding jobs using social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

So, the questions are:

  1. Is there a right or wrong time to fully embrace social media for personal advancement?

  2. Should you really embrace social media at the beginning of your career or after you career is established?

  3. Is there a real risk to employers when their employees embrace social media?

  4. Is it reasonable to assume that you can still advance your carer using social media, if you adopt it later in your career?

  5. Is there a risk to not adopting social media early in your career?

  6. Is there a better way of managing social media conversations, for example through HR policy guidelines, protected tweets and facebook profiles, etc?

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