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Is Tunnel Vision Killing My Career?
id="attachment_2888" align="aligncenter" width="425" caption="Is Tunnel Vision Killing My Career?"]Medically speaking, Tunnel Vision is a visual impairment that results in the loss of peripheral vision.
It is characterized by the inability to see objects outside one's center of gaze even though they are still within view.
But tunnel vision also refers to a frame of mind where one is either fixated on a specific answer or unable to see alternatives.

Consider that many Information Technology (IT) professionals evaluate their career options as though there a few choice careers mainly:
  1. Computer Programming

  2. Business Analysis

  3. Project Management

  4. Data Analysis

  5. Software Testing

  6. Computer Networking

  7. Database Development

  8. But is this really true? Is the list of hot, fashionable or rewarding careers restricted to this list or are there alternate, better or even more promising careers for those willing to peek outside the box?

    Web 2.0 Careers For Smart Professionals

    Except if you have tunnel vision, you will have heard mention of the word WEB 2.0, at some point in the last year. Conversations on WEB 2.0 websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are taking on an expanded role in our lives and you also have a role in this, if you're willing to keep an open mind.


    With over 300 million total members or more than 100 million US users, Facebook has overtaken the USA in population growth and is on track to overtake China's one billion+ in the near future!


    In January of 2010, 75 million people visited Twitter representing a 1100% population growth in one year.
    However these statistics or explosive growth are not limited to Twitter and Facebook. Other WEB 2.0 websites including LinkedIn are also experiencing a surge in demand or usage.

    What this means for the rest of us, is that careers that help websites become more interactive, converse with customers using blogs, video and social media or distribute information, products or services online are taking center stage.

    The good news is that I have compiled a list of those careers for your benefit and I will devote the rest of the article to them :-)

    Web Usability Specialists

    Usability engineers measure or improve the quality of a user's experience when interacting with a website.
    Web Usability specialists help customers perform actions that are valuable to the business like placing orders on their websites. Their job is to make websites more intuitive or friendly so that web visitors can find or get that they are looking for.

    Web Data Analysts

    Web Analysts measure, collect, analyze and report on traffic to a website. They typically track or monitor the number of visitors, page views and popularity of the content published on a website.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists improve the ranking of websites or web pages on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
    Because of the competitiveness and the ever changing nature of internet businesses, SEO experts are always in demand.

    E-Commerce Business Analysts

    The WEB is a fast paced, constantly evolving business environment which makes it challenging for most businesses.
    So companies hire e-commerce business analysts to help align their business, marketing or production processes with the requirements for doing business on the WEB.

    IPhone / Mobile Apps Developers

    The release of the IPhone by Apple and Steve Jobs in 2007 has resulted in a new job market for developers who can release IPhone apps directly on Apple's App Store.
    With more than 100,000 apps, including productivity and games apps, the IPhone Application Developers career path is an alternative to more traditional software developer career paths.

    Web Copywriters

    Sometimes the writing career is overlooked because of a misconception that writers are underpaid.
    However, web copywriters are a different breed of writers as they are more like salesmen on steroids!
    Web copywriters are responsible for writing the actual words that sell products or services on the web and yes, some of them do make six figures!

    Social Media Specialists

    I have mentioned the explosive population growth of sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Guess what, businesses and organizations want in on that action and Social Media specialists make that happen!
    Organizations are hiring Social Media workers to help nurture conversations with their customers and ultimately influence sales ... and just in-case you are squeamish, it is completely legal :-)

    Internet Marketing Specialists

    Most businesses have to sell on the web which is a big challenge because selling on the web is complex, difficult and not as easy as it looks!
    Not realizing this, many businesses owners spend a small fortune on Internet Marketing before they realized that they need to hire professional Internet Marketing help!

    This list is by no means exhaustive and there are more lucrative, rewarding careers for the web savvy, information technology professional who is willing to look outside the box of traditional career choices.
    This list of careers is also helpful to those wondering about "How To Break The Unemployment Cycle" as there are freelance, part-time or full-time job postings for those who are qualified.
    Finally, the question on your mind may be, who is qualified for any of these careers?
    My answer is anyone who has as open-mind, is web savvy and is open to learning or reading a lot of new information.

    Contrary to what you may think, the barriers to these careers are low, and there are no examinations, certifications or degrees that you must obtain before you can get hired as a WEB 2.0 professional.
    The universal rule or principle that applies to all WEB 2.0 careers is; "You Must Be Good At What You Do", as the WEB has little tolerance for incompetence!


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Facebook is developed using PHP and MYSQL
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