#5 Success Principle: Always Be Learning

stay ahead of the technology curve
stay ahead of the technology curve

The Love – Hate Relationship With Technology

Most days, we are in love with technology and can’t seem to get away from getting work done on our iPhones, laptops and the Internet or watching hi-tech adventure movies like James Cameron’s Avatar on 3D 🙂

We have witnessed the rapid pace of technological change in the last 20 years … the advances in computers, video games and electronics and of course … the coming of the internet.

As IT professionals, we all seem to participate in this drama either as consumers, producers or enablers of technology.

And regardless of the work we do as business analysts, computer programmers, desktop support technicians; we constantly interface, use, enable or create technology.

We love to be entertained or get work done through new technology.

But sometimes hate to study it, because whatr we learn becomes obsolete in a relatively short period.

Moore’s Law

Gordon Moore (Intel co-founder) in 1965 stated that the number of transistors on a chip will double every 24 months.

This statement which later became known as Moore’s Law is a guiding principle of the high-tech industry.

Moore’s law explains why IT professionals are always learning some new technology.

Moore’s Law promises tech workers that before they finish learning, another new or improved technology will make their skills obsolete.

So, what can we do when we finally get tired of learning new technology?

Can we perhaps, just drop out of the rat-race in search of a new career or hide from the challenges of always staying ahead of new technology?

Technology Is Everywhere

The problem is that any career we switch to will use or interface with technology … and require us to learn or master it!

It doesn’t matter whether we choose to become bloggers, journalists, school teachers or go into politics … because everyone in a civilized society is connected through technology!

We all work in a society that strives to keep up with new technology … captive in a drama rooted in Moore’s Law.

Technology Is The Future

The good news is that our career accelerates when we embrace the implications of Moore’s Law or stop acting like it doesn’t exist or influence over our lives.

The right question is not how we can preserve our skills … because we can’t.

Our skills are useful because employers are willing to pay for them.

And as technology changes, employers revise what they will pay for, so tech workers have to learn new skills or risk losing their jobs!

The question really is one of : “How To Stay Ahead Of The Technology Curve” and the answer to that is:

How To Stay Ahead Of The Technology Curve

  1. Always Be Learning – make a habit out of studying, learning technology or improving your skills.

  2. Keep Your Skills Current – update your skills before they become obsolete. Because it’s far better to be ahead of the technology curve than to be behind it.

  3. Study Effectively – we can’t stop the future and we can’t ignore that it’s driven by technology. But we can learn how to study new technology effectively, and live successful, productive or rewarding lives.

Success comes by accepting technological changes as part of life, adopting a lifestyle of learning and by staying ahead of the technology curve.

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