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id="attachment_2813" align="alignleft" width="104" caption="How To Win Friends And Influence People"]This is a real-life story taking from events in my life. Please read and share it with your friends

I stumbled upon "Think And Grow Rich" on my 17th birthday.

Shortly after reading Napoleon Hill's classic, I also read "You Can If You Think You Can by Norman Vincent Peale" and got hooked on self help / motivational books.

A few years later, I read a really good book in that genre ... "Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins".

What made "Tony Robbins' Awaken The Giant Within" stand out was that Tony tried to backup his promise with some scientific, neuro-psychological, mind altering stuff.

Now, to be honest, I really didn't try to change my destiny with Tony's neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

I was and am still skeptical of self help, motivational books because they seem to skip the last step of their own self-help message.

By skipping the last step, I mean that self help books generally omit the actual, practical steps required for success.

Self help books are generally unsuited for practical, real-world challenges, because their premises are usually too wide. They tend to offer promises for every financial, emotional or social problem and they aren't helpful enough because wide, general claims are not realistic!

However, "Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends And Influence People" is a rare breed of self help book because it contains practical, step by step instructions that can change your life.

I guess that Dale Carnegie succeeded where other self help authors failed because he narrowed his promise to ... "helping you win friends" , instead of something like: "helping you overcome every problem in life"!

Getting back to my story's me, I am 21 years old ... and in college. I am the President of a Public Speaking and Motivational Club with about 100 college students. I have been giving speeches on "how to succeed in life" to my fellow college students, even though I am still, just a student!

And I want to become a Motivational Speaker!

Which is an insurmountable problem because every self help author or motivational speaker that I know of, builds a career around making wide, general, untargeted promises.

My problem was that apart from Dale Carnegie, every one else was making too wide a promise.

So, even though I had cultivated a following, I left the self help business behind in college ... in search of a narrow promise that I can fulfill.

My Promise To You Is ...

I will help you discover your passion, do the work you love or bring your passion to market.

Discover your Passion: by identifying or focusing on tasks that bring pleasure to you and to others.

In other words, I will help you find the work that you love .. work that others find equally useful.

Develop your Passion: by maximizing your strengths or becoming the best at your game via deep skill building AND practice.

Bring your Passion to Market: by building or promoting your personal or corporate brand and becoming a leader in your industry using effective PULL vs. PUSH techniques.

Thank you for reading this or sharing it with your friends. Do leave a comment for me, if i inspire you, in any way :-)


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The toughest challenge im facing right now is that no matter where i go there's always a person who got insecure even i don't do anything to them
Mr. Tagbo, this article is quite inspiring, but for all those principles mentioned to be effective and constructive one has to be persistent and tenacious and extremely consistent. Not having these attributes and facing other external challenges such as family life, social commitments and job (not career) a pause for deep concern.