#4 Success Principle: Preparation and Presentation, Key For Job Interviews

How To Boost IT Skills Rapidly Or Get Hired Fast

Learning a skill is one thing … knowing how to market, a skill a completely different thing!

That is why for example, some qualified business analysts fail to get a job that other less experienced business analysts succeed in getting.

Don’t assume that because you know a skill through self study, formal education or training, you can just go out and get a job … because there is more to finding a job than that!

Some people are really good at selling themselves … even when they know little about the subject at hand.

Others cringe at the thought of promoting themselves at job interviews and unfortunately, this works against them!

In a job interview, you will hardly get credit for your skills or experience, if you can’t prove or present it.

For example, if you know the answers to a question but you’re not sharp, detailed or timely enough in your reply … then you are assumed not to know it!

If you know the answers to a question but are slow or hesitant in answering the questions, you are assumed not to know it.

So, to succeed at job interviews, you have to be good at both your preparation and presentation.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Here are three (3) great techniques that will help you ace your next job interview.

  1. Be Timely: to succeed at your job interviews, don’t start your preparation a week before your interview … start three (3) months ahead of your job interview. That is how to start prepare excellently for your interview.

  2. Be Smart: don’t depend solely on textbooks or videos for your job interview preparation.

    Use practice tests or quizzes!

    Your success at the job interview depends on how correct, comprehensive and timely your answers are.

    If you really want to blow your interviewer away, start preparing with quizzes, several months ahead of the job interview and your quality of preparation will shine through!

  3. Be Confident: answer your interview questions confidently if you want the job!

    If you fail to believe in yourself and that shows through at the job interview, what makes you think that the hiring manager will believe in you?

    If you start preparing three months ahead of your job interview and you use practice tests extensively … then all that remains is to believe in yourself!

So, here they are … three simple but highly effective secrets that guarantee success at job interviews; be timely, smart and confident.

Just follow these three rules to get the job you want!

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