Giving Effective Feedback to IT Professionals

We Give Feedback!
We Give Feedback!

One of the challenges of self teaching, self learning, CBT courses or traditional class room training is the lack of personalized, one on one performance review or feedback.

Training courses where both instructors and trainees can post or respond to questions are few and far in between.

This is the case even when you pay thousands of dollars for traditional class room training!

This is because training providers typically have an in-flexible curriculum and a set amount of training time to communicate their message!

  • Restricted Training Time: In traditional training courses, you have to learn all the information in a few days.

    Though the trainers may answer a couple of questions daily, they cannot take questions from everyone and also hope to cover their entire training curriculum by the end of the week!

    The good news is: we don’t have the restraints of an inflexible training curriculum or a set training time 🙂

    You can login to our Web-Based Learning Management System and post questions or discussions on your own time and our course instructors can answer them on their own time.

    Our course instructors are not trying to rush you through the entire training curriculum in a week, so they can afford to engage your questions on a one to one, personalized basis!

  • College Tutoring: In traditional colleges, instructors get to know their students personally and they review student assignments before assigning grades.

    We have adopted the same learning process in our web-based, online learning management system.

    Each of your hands-on assignments are reviewed by a live, human course instructor before they are graded!

    In our web-based, online learning management system, the instructor may choose to post a discussion, comment or review of your assignment … just for you and not for anyone else.

  • Why Do We Incorporate Feedback In Training?

    So, the question is: knowing that feedback is expensive and time intensive, why do we still choose to include it in our training … at no additional cost?

    • We Make Training Interactive: we believe that more interactive training makes for a better experience.

      We emulate the learning that happens in the real world, where you are always receiving feedback from your bosses, co-workers, customers or friends.

    • We Make Training Effective: we believe that personalized, one on one training makes for better learning … especially in the information technology industry.

      Passive learning like the type you find in a lot of CBT (computer based training) or even information technology text books are usually too boring or tedious to be effective.

    • We Make Training Useful: we believe that IT professionals need more real-world feedback during training … before using their skills on the job!

      It is usually better to receive feedback in training because that is the only time when you are 100% certain that you can ask for feedback and improve or act on it without any adverse consequences!

    This post discusses how we make our online, web-based training more effective, interactive and useful by incorporating one on one personalized feedback or performance reviews.

    If you have any questions about our courses or online training services, be sure to contact us and we will answer it for you!

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