Why Your Resume Gets Tossed?

Posting your resume mindlessly, is a black hole that either sucks up your time and energy or brands you in a negative light, as thoughtless to employers!

Is Mindless Resume Submission Working?
Is Mindless Resume Submission Working?

Finding a job is just a numbers game, so submitting my resume to several job postings will get me hired: says a “reflexive job seeker“!

This is the typical mindset of job seekers who approach finding a job as if it is purely a numbers game.

But is a successful job search simply a numbers game or is there more to getting a job than that?

  1. Adopt the “Learn It First” Mindset

    Before you start submitting your resume, first learn how to do the job you are applying for.

    Getting the right knowledge, skills and experience does more for your job search because it assures you of the attention of hiring managers.

    Don’t be like those job seekers, who assume that they can get the attention of hiring managers, simply by re-writing their resume without significantly improving their skills!

    A real-life example is that of a marketing professional with zero real-world business analysis knowledge, skills or experience, who just kept on rewriting and submitting resumes for business analyst jobs without, first taking the time to study or learn!

    There is danger when one conditions the mind to act reflexively without thinking.

    Applying for jobs is not meant to be a mindless task that one attempts like an unthinking robot.

    You be the judge of the job prospects of anyone who thinks that “finding a job is just a numbers game“.

  2. Which Comes First Learning Or Doing?

    Learning has always been the forerunner to doing. You always have to learn a career before you can start performing the roles, responsibilities or duties belonging to tha career.

    As a basic rule, everyone has to first learn a skill before they can start producing or working with the skill.

    In some careers, the practice of learning before doing is regulated and enforced by law.

    For example, you cannot become a Medical Doctor without going though Medical school and training. And you cannot just assume that you are a Medical Doctor and start submitting your resume for jobs without first learning, studying for and passing medical examinations.

    In information technology careers, the practice of learning before doing is not enforced by laws or exams or any set of Tech / IT schools because it is enforced by the Information Technology (IT) employer.

    Employers want to know that you’ve mastered the knowledge, skills and experience needed for the job before you are hired.

    And when you think of the rigorous credentialing, certification and licensing standards applied to other non information technology careers, you will agree that IT employers are not asking for much!

    The good news is that, it is not how you learn new skills, careers or work that matters (self study, books, coaching, training, college is ok) but that you learn it well … in a rigorous, thorough, step by step way!

  3. Learning Comes Before Finding A Job

    Job postings are written for those who will be productive from day one because employers don’t want to re-train new hires.

    What this means is that if you are looking for a new job, you need to take the time to learn or master the skills required for the job postings before sending your resume around!

    Posting your resume mindlessly without first learning the required skills is a black hole that either sucks up your time and energy or brands you in a negative light as thoughtless to employers.

  4. Take a Personal Inventory of your Skills

    Do yourself a favor today, take a personal inventory of the skills required for your job.

    Start by listing all the skills required; (for example: UML, Use Cases, Requirements Management, SQL, Databases) and then rate yourself on a scale of one to ten on each skill.

    Finally, take the time to study, learn and improve on your weak areas because that is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or your family!

This post discusses why most resumes get tossed by hiring managers.

If you have a question or need some help with your career, post it as a comment on this page and we will be glad to answer it for you!

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    Thank you for the feedback, Mucho Appreciato!

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    Great article…

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    Very nice article. I do try to improve my skills am a graduate student, but i feel im still missing some tenacity and focus, thank you!

    • IT Career Coach   December 18, 2009 at 7:51 am

      You are right in thinking that tenacity and focus or self-confidence is required. Perhaps that should be the topic of another article 🙂


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