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Should College Graduates Pay for Internships?
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It is well-known fact that hands-on experience is one of the more important qualifications for getting a job and that you may get handson experience through paid or unpaid internship programs.

So this article on about how job seekers are paying thousands of dollars for internships is not surprising considering how competitive the job market has become.

What is surprising is that these are college graduates from prestigious colleges paying for nonpaying internship programs!

The article is titled "Unpaid Work, but They Pay for Privilege, and you can read it here ..."

This also article mentions that;

  1. College graduates are unable to find paying internships

  2. College graduates are paying to get into an unpaid internship programs

  3. Job seekers don't have problems with finding internships. They have problems with getting accepted!

  4. Job seekers are paying significant sums of money to get into a non-paying internship programs. For example, a job seeker may pay $9,450 for an internship program in London or as little as $5,499 for an internship in Costa Rica.

  5. Online startups are now selling internships worth thousands of

Now the question for you is:

  • How far will you go to get into an unpaid or paid internship?

  • What do you think about online startups selling internships?

  • Is paying for an unpaid internship smart or is there a better way?

  • Will you pay for an internship?


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